Selling you blog. Exit Strategy

exit.jpgThe Noob thinks that having multiple blogging strategies is important. That’s why you should set up multiple blogs. That way, you can sell one and keep the other. You can do paid posting on one and grow your google PR on the other. BloggerNoob has several blogs running right now. None of them has grown as much as bloggernoob dot com but they are all solid blogs with potential to grow. Although i never plan on selling bloggernoob dot com, i do plan on selling my other blogs after i grow it.

When you set up your blog, you should consider several things. First you should develop growth strategy. Second, you should think about how to monetize your blog. Third, you should have an exit strategy.

The term “exit strategy” might sound fancy but it’s nothing really. Just means how your plan on selling it. Blogs are valued by it’s monthly income, traffic, and rankings. Of course there are variables such as, passive income ratio and time spent on the blog.

When you know for sure that you want to sell your blog, you better get your ranking up and last three months of income as high as possible. Don’t just depend on one type of ranking like google PR. Even tho PR is the crown jewel of rankings, it’s not everything. Get your alexa, technorati, and RSS up too. You could create buzz and announce your plans of selling, but that could have a negative effect. You could lose readership before the sale. I think it’s better to go about it quietly.

5 thoughts on “Selling you blog. Exit Strategy

  1. the noob Post author

    Forest parks- good luck to you on that. You should write a post about moving your blog. I’m interested in how the transition works.

  2. ryan

    I think its helpful that blogging is adictive. I have at least 10 blogs, not all updated but I have a key group of 5 I am focusing on. It’s time consuming but the payoff will be worth it!

  3. Extra Health

    good point, i think im going to make another bog, but i dont if i can effort to have another blog. cause the harderst thing not to create a blog but to maintain it.

  4. bloggernoob

    ryan- nice ryan. 5 is a lot to manage. in time it will be worth your while.

    extra health- it can get time consuming. i want to set up a few more website..but don’t know if i can find the time for it.

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