Selling your own product online

jennifer aniston sells her own product and makes money onlineI wanted to talk about selling your own product online. If you are new to the “make money online” economy, you might be thinking about selling your own ebook. This has to be one of the dumbest thing that you can do. Nobody in their right mind will buy your “make money online” ebook. Unless you have been running this ebook scam for over a year, you won’t gain much traction.

I wrote about how you should buy and sell wordpress themes. I think that this market is still ripe for the picking. The amount of new bloggers who enter this gaming is still growing. If you start selling your own wordpress themes, you can make some nice change in a years time.

You can also sell your services. Think about something that you are good at. If you can use photoshop or illustrator, then try to sell of your services. Visit elance and or web forums to inquire about some freelance gigs. I have to get back to some stuff, i’ll report back later.

3 thoughts on “Selling your own product online

  1. the noob Post author

    marlyms- yeah it’s good to sell your own stuff. what do you mean register? u mean like a domain name? or do you mean like a business registration?

  2. pcube

    I bet you don’t even make even $100 with this blog. But I liked the celebrity photos though. And please spam the email I supplied. Its of a rich guy!

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