Selling your soul to make money online

sellingyoursoul.jpgI like to think that i’m a man with firm beliefs. I have a make money blog, but i want to be as honest as possible with my readers. I want them to know that i won’t push anything that hasn’t worked for me. I also don’t want to turn off readers by selling out completely. How do i do this? I honestly don’t know.

Making money online is all about selling out. I’ve opened up my advertise page here on BloggerNoob dot com. I wanted to keep it simple and not selling every type of ad space. I’ve seen bloggers sell everything. They try to sell you their feed space. They sell you peel ads and header space. I tried to keep the space to a minimum, but i know that i when my grows, i’ll have to sell out even more. But i do promise you that i won’t ever sell out to johnchow level. Even if i wanted to, i don’t think i could ever come close to his level. I have a lot of other blogs and i’ll sell out completely with those.

I think some bloggers have trouble with selling out. These people have morals. They have integrity. They also don’t make much money. They blog for the pure joy of blogging. My hat goes off to these folks, but i have to admit that i don’t want to be like that. I want to make a few extra bucks. I want to be able to buy the macbook air with my blog money. And the only way to make money online is to sell out. Selling a part of your soul is the only way you can successfully make money online. Whether it be selling a useless ebook, or pushing affiliates you don’t completely believe in, you gotta do what you gotta do. My greatest sin is my paid posts. I’m not that selective about the paid posts i put on my blog. I’ve even written about El Pollo Loco cause it was a higher paying gig.

13 thoughts on “Selling your soul to make money online

  1. witchypoo

    I wouldn’t worry about your paid posts. I never read them anyway. Most of my readers eyes glaze over when I write about anything geek, but my attitude is that I will be happy to give them back the money they paid to read my post. Most of my geek posts are in praise of some pretty awesome plugins, and it was a happy coincidence that I get about 15 hits a day from one of them.
    I like to share a good thing. Me and Oprah? Like this *puts two fingers very close together*

  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- nice. i’m glad my regular readers aren’t reading those paid posts. :)

    kexbrown- thanks?!?!

    ryan- it is gross. but the best way for a noob to make a few bucks with their blog. sad but true.

    ebookers- this is spam. next time i’ll remove it.

  3. the noob Post author

    blackpixie- oh. i get it. you found another. fine. it’s cool, i won’t take it personal. but if you have to choose, who is cuter?

    phil- haha. nice nice. if you saw the video, you might take that back. i basically just did a slideshow. :)

  4. CoCo

    I am CoCo the blogging dog! My hobbies include chasing cats, going for a walk and eating bologna. I am happy you are not a TOTAL sellout and just a partial sellout. I hope to sellout some day once I get more visitors. Thanks.:)

  5. John Sullivan not Chow But I'm HUNGRRY

    Money is always an issue at some point.I mean I could sit here and sell weed all day,UNTIL the door get busted down.Money doesn’t make you happy I made $1.23 from google at that pace I’ll get a check in 3 years.Anyway I like reading your blog cause it’s interesting.The Money will come I have had and lost plenty.

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