Send emails to your ad networks

bar rafaeli makes money onlineI’ve received a lot of emails and comments about the compatibility of different ad networks. “Does payperpost work with adsense?” “Does sponsored reviews work with kontera etc?” From what i know, you cannot do sponsored plugs with programs that place links into your posts. If you are not sure about the compatibility, you should shoot an email to support. You should receive an answer within 24 hours. Noobies, these ad networks are there to help you. Why? Because you are making them loads of money. Don’t be shy about asking them questions. Remember, there are no such things as stupid questions. Just stupid people who don’t ask stupid questions. The people who ask stupid questions are the ones that make money online. I ask a lot of stupid questions.

The answers are actually right there in the TOS. But i know that nobody reads those damn terms of service. So if you are unsure about an ad program, just ask. And if you’ve already been rejected to an ad program, don’t fret. Continue to post and update your blog and reapply later. That’s what i did and i got into most of the ad programs. Actually i’m in every program except google adsense. Noob out!