SEO for Noobs. Quick and easy way to optimize your wordpress blog

seo.jpgSearchEngine Optimization is something that the average blogger doesn’t consider. It should noted be that its hard to trick the search giants when it comes to your website’s ranking but its important to know the basics. Well im not much of a SEO but i do know that search engines like google and yahoo like sites that have sitemaps. Simples things like this could mean a big difference when it comes to how many pages of your site gets indexed and how often the search engines check your site. It might all seem a bit complicated but its not. If you are on a wordpress blog there are plenty of plugins to help your blogs SEO.

First. Google sitemap plugin is a must. Download here and follow the instructions. This will automatically update and it makes it alot easier for google to crawl your site.

Second. Optimize your permalinks. Go to options and click on permalinks in your wp admin. by default wordpress uses ugly permalinks that look something like this ?page?34. This is ugly and not useful in the eyes of the googlebot. Just change it to year/month/catagory/post by clicking on the second option. You can customize it to just show the post title if you want by clicking on custom and erasing everything but the/?post?/

Last. Submit your site to search engines and directories. Just go to google or yahoo and find the link for site submission. You can find many more site and directories where you can submit your blog to when you do a google search for site submission.

Remember when your starting out be cautious about people telling you to try their service or buy their product. With SEO there are alot of sites that offer instant pagerank or promise you traffic. Don’t be fooled. I think in the beginning don’t pay for anything. Don’t start paying until you know exactly what your paying for and around how much it should cost.

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