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asianfemaleblogger.jpgI think the best internet marketers are Asian females. One of the reasons i started thinking about setting up my own blog was cause i read kumiko’s blog when she was on blogspot. I thought it was cool how she was able to make a few bucks by blogging. Obvious kumiko played the cute japanese girl card to promote her blog. I don’t even know if the blogger is a cute japanese girl or a fat balding old guy. No one will ever know. The point im making is this. Blogging about making money online or personal development is all the same. All of the content is same. If you’ve read one make money blog or personal development blog, you’ve read them all. To be different is to promote personality. It’s all about personality. If part of that can be enhanced by projecting the sexy Asian girl vibe, that’s a big time plus. That’s better then getting reviewed on all of the major make money blogs.

After cashquests sold, i have been searching the internet for another cute asian girl that i can learn from. Why? Probably cause i’m a pathetic loser. If blogs contain the same content. Then i’d rather read it imagining a cute Asian girl as opposed to some bald guy or some ugly old chinese guy. Anyway. During my search, i found a blog called msdanielle. Not sure if the girl is attractive, but it was an Asian girl so i read a little bit. But after a post, i realized it was a boring read. So i looked again. Couldn’t find anything until today. Thinksimplenow dot com is a great blog. Even if the blogger wasn’t a cute Asian female, i’d probably still visit it every few days cause the content is solid. But she’s cute too. I’ve found a cashquests replacement. She got her blog to where it sits with over 60k visits a month and close to 4k in RSS subscriptions. All this in around 3-4 months. If that doesn’t make you want to go visit her site, maybe i should hammer the point that she’s cute!

11 thoughts on “Sexy Bloggers

  1. layman

    I just visited the blog thanks to you. This is a blog that write about self improvement and it also beats the myth that a blogger has to update the blog daily.

  2. the noob Post author

    tinasu- no problem. you have a great blog there. and i respect how much traffic and readers you’ve managed to get in such a short time period. keep up the good work

  3. Justin Dupre

    Hahaha. I completely agree. The Asian fetish is for just about every computer nerd, make money blogger persona. Hell, I’ve been into it for 10 years or so. Now I am in heaven (Thailand) where I get my daily does of asian by the second.

    That blog is really interesting. If you want a picture though, you can check out my blog for my supermodel girlfriend. Haha

    Justin Dupre

  4. Peace

    I am not a guy and I am not attracted to sexy bloggers but perhaps Macho blogger. Just kidding… I wonder are you the Macho Blogger?

  5. the noob Post author

    justin- saw the pic of ur so called gf. if that is ur gf. i say wow. if not, then i say it’s great internet marketing. lol

    peace- macho blogger? like the macho man randy savage? oh yeah! i think i can be macho at times. i prefer to be sensitive and caring. but sometimes my caveman instincts kick in.

    berryvox- shot at love…i don’t know why and how i know her name. damn u reality tv!

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