Shopping at the mall

jennifer garner makes moneyI spent a long day at the mall today. My wife is off to visit her mother, so we went shopping for her family. The day was pleasant, but i couldn’t help thinking about all the over priced junk they had filled in those stores. It wasn’t just the stores either, they had booths upon booths of more junk. I got to thinking, “do people really buy all this junk?”

People do. Our economy is crippled, but people are still spending money. I know a lot of the profits are down, but people in America still purchase a lot of things that are just worthless. Clothes for dogs, bags for dogs, premium denim, premium anythings. I used to work for an import export company. It was in the garment industy. My job was to land clients, or sell premuim denim to business types. I didn’t think about it at the time, but the idea of premium denim, or designer denim is insane. How can something that is as basic as denim be considered premium or designer?

I think our culture grows stupidity. People will pay for anything. If you market it right, you can probably sell shit to septic tank removers. My wife bought a pair of Juicy Culture sweats. I know of this brand, and i think it’s cool. (in a Paris Hilton slutty way) But i don’t know if a pair of towel sweat pants is really worth $130. That’s before the tax.

Here’s why marketers makes money. Marketers create a need for something that’s completely useless. Our fashion magazines and Hollywood has created a generation of consumer zombies. Why do we need premium jeans? Why is that bag made out of denim worth 26 hundred dollars? And the answer is, it’s not. It’s not, but marketers create a value for it.

Here is the biggest proof that everything you see at the mall is useless and valueless. Sales! Think about it. How can something drop in value that much in that short amount of time? My wife bought a knit at St. John right before our wedding. It was a simple one piece that cost around 12 hundred dollars. It’s been about a month and a half, and we saw the same knit on sale today for $700. Ouch. Where did that $500 go? Why and how could that value of that knit drop so fast? It’s because there is no real value. It’s only worth about 25 dollars. I know, cause i’ve been to many factories in China. Even the most expensive dress or bag only cost about $25 to make.

Guy, as an internet marketer, you have to zoom in on the stupidity of consumers. You have to create value out of nothing. It gets harder on the internet because you don’t see anything. You can’t see or smell the actual product. You can’t touch the fabric. All you have to work with is a bunch of text and images. I don’t want to sound negative, but that’s how it works. Think hard before you decide that you want to be an internet marketer. You gotta be one heck of a sales man to be successful.

7 thoughts on “Shopping at the mall

  1. Funked

    Nice post noob. The tricky part is finding the most effective way to sell your crap to people. eBook sellers for example, they target noobs, they promise you that you can make thousands from a beach just by posting on a blog. Bullshit yes, but the noob doesn’t no that.

    The scam eBook area is now flooded so it’s getting harder to make money in that area.

  2. witchypoo

    Marketing, huh? That must be what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been blogging and building trust in my products through trust in me. Slow process.

  3. Psiplex

    Retail therapy is big in sad times. It’s not that people need more stuff, they want it. If you can be at the place where people want what you are selling, you have success.

  4. the noob Post author

    funked- haha, exactly. and you’re right, it’s all crap. i agree, ebooks have been dead for almost a decade. i don’t know why noobies continue to try to push that shit. i guess people still buy it. most people don’t make money with them tho. i say, start a new ebook like scam. you’ll be richer then johnchow

    witchypoo- haha. trust is overrated. your blog is different tho. it’s not about making money online. but my niche, it’s all about being the hardest working money whore. pardon my french

    psiplex- you would think that a money crunch would deter shopping of useless stuff. Nope! it makes it hotter. Cause when people get down, they want to buy junk that will temporarily make them feel better about themselves.

  5. noobwife

    i agreed with u husbund!!! after i read ur post, i feel bad and put me in think mood.
    it seems there is nothing i can buy in this society then. everything is over price,insn’t it? i think whoever creats brand or trends, that people are smart. maybe genius. people actully think and also willing to pay a lot of money for it. even if it is not worthy that much. i think people who is bitter about overly price things are acutally bitter about themself. because they want to make money from it, but they are just one of the consumer.

  6. bloggernoob

    noobwife- 😉 this post wasn’t an attack on you. I was trying to make a point about how marketers are liars. I am not bitter, i’m just jealous.

  7. Kieth Toting

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