Showing Bling makes you money

bling.jpgOne of the most common images you see on popular make money blogs are pictures of bling. Expensive cars, expensive tech gear, expensive geek toys, or a big fat income report or check. Shoemoney does this the most. His google check from two years ago graces his front page. He’s milking that picture bigtime. The pictures of him next to his hummer. His rockstar type convention parties. He’s like P diddy of the make money blog world. Before i started, i actually liked shoe. Thought it was cool how he made so much money online. Respected him for losing all that weight and quiting sears to start a make money online, and ringtone empire. But now, it just seems like he’s selling the P diddy lifestyle. When i make the p diddy comparison, i don’t mean that as a compliment. Showing bling to sell your blog and credibility works for stupid people. Hicks buy into that. Red necks and trailer trash love the glitz and glamor or shinny things. But things that have true value, usually have no bling. Be weary of blogs that showcase a lot of pictures that show off how much money they make. It’s usually a coverup of their impotence.

It reminds me of going to pyramid scheme recruitments. I went to a few when i was a freshman in college. I got dragged by a few of my friends to go. Of course they wanted me to join under them so they could become rich. But i was too smart i guess. You go to these pyramid seminars and all they talk about is money. About how much money you’ll make, about how much money they made. If the guys that run the scheme are good, you’ll get all riled up in the excitement. Even i got tempted to join. But in the end, when you think about it, there is no substance. They don’t teach you how to make money. They don’t tell you what’s required to make money. They just show you all that flash and bling. Blind you with money. In the end, you’ll see that they don’t sell a good product and the only revenue is from referrals.

These top make money bloggers are the same. Networking with them could probably make you some money. But, you’ll always be one of their referrals. You won’t ever make as much as them. If you do what they say and join all these random programs under them, you’ll only make them rich. That’s why i think it’s a waste of time to read those blogs.

I still need to read other make money blogs to grow bloggernoob dot com. I used to read the regulars, johnchow, shoemoney, problogger, doshdosh, cashquests. After cashquests sold, i honestly don’t like reading any of these blogs. If i have to pick the best of these, i’d have to pick doshdosh and problogger. Both blogs are boring, but seem useful enough. Johnchow and shoemoney are just trash. I followed johncow from it’s start. I thought it was a funny blog. But now, it’s just sad what’s happening. I guess the guy that owns that blog is too busy working on other projects. Johncow is just a johnchow clone now. It started as a copycat/parody blog. It used to be funny and have good info. But now, it’s written mostly by guest bloggers. How boring. It’s not funny anymore either. I guess when you get to a certain level you get commercial. Becomes less raw and more bull doodoo.

The more i learn of this make money online game, the more i get disappointed. I realize that it’s kind of like a pyramid scheme. Is there a product we are selling? No. Who makes the money? Only the top few who started early. Are instant riches promised, yup. Can everybody make money? Nope. Do you have to spend money first. Yup. All of these things make it too similar to pyramid schemes. I think make money online blogs should focus on traffic, ad sales, paid posting, and affiliate commissions. When they keep hammering about conventions and spending money or purchasing video seminars….i get really turned off. I get the same feeling when i’m at church and the pastor talks about how Jesus is love, and then ask for 10% of my money. That kind of fishy feeling.

If you want to learn about link building, read this article that griz wrote. If you want no bullshit money making tricks, read bloggerunleashed. If you’re a noob and want honesty, read my make money blog. If you want a realistic portrait of blogging fulltime, read make money fast. If you want some monetization advice, consult mikesmakemoneymission.

11 thoughts on “Showing Bling makes you money

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  3. the noob Post author

    justindupre- justin, you must be excited. i usually don’t like guest posts, but when he posts ur article. leave me a link. i’ll check it out. hopefully you’ll get some good traffic from it.

  4. Allyn Paul

    I think the big problem is that no matter what they say, most of the “heavies” in the blogging world have no true business acumen.
    If they did, we’d see alot more articles centered around budgets, sales plans, forecasting and expense control. Instead, they just post pictures of checks they got.
    Honestly, a $50,000 income check means nothing if you had to spend $49,000 to get it. It also does not mean a lot to me if that $50,000 check is $15,000 less than the check you got the month before because that means your business is on the decline.
    I’d like to see a make money blog that is run like a Fortune 500 … that would impress me.

  5. the noob Post author

    allyn- i agree, they are not conventional types, but if they are making money, that are doing something. But what they do, probably can’t be repeated by many people. that’s cause it kinda works like a pyramid. Only a few can make a lot money in that type of marketing niche. Cause they rely heavily on referral and private ads from noob bloggers.

    They wouln’t know buget and sales plans cause they aren’t traditional business types. of course they can add and maybe now they can afford accountants. i like the point u make about true income. net income. minus the money they spend on ads or whatever, they probably don’t have much profit. bubble economy. Who knows what shoe paid or what type of tactics he used to get that fat google check. nobody knows except shoe. But that check makes noobies flock to his site. He spends a lot of money on promoting his crappy products. his blog sucks, and auction ads was a joke. who uses it? and honestly, who made money off of it beside shoe?

  6. charles

    Find an expensive car out in the alley, and photograph yourself sitting in front of it. Put it on the front page of your blog, and you are set to attract many visitors :)

  7. the noob Post author

    charles- haha. i’m sure of people do that. or photoshoping an affiliate check might work too. i know for certain some people do this.

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