sick and tired about people writing about google PR adjustment

give it a rest people. Its a boring subject. its like repeating the same joke over and over again. it sucks that the big bad google machine is taking steps to ruin the income streams of geeky nerds everywhere. its not the end of the world. rapture hasn’t and this isn’t the second coming of jesus. lets talk about something more interesting like paris hilton. or nicole richie. or nicole richie’s boyfriend or husband. the punk rocker/chauffeur. damn it whats his name. is it good charlotte. anyway…whatever. or lets talk about the starving children in south east asia. or about the girl that got away. her name was lola. people are so riled up. reading blog posts the last couple days have has been a broken record. so emotional too. people getting all excited, i feel like im in the middle of a religious debate or at an abortion protest. lets relax nerds. lets enjoy the weekend and have some fun. blogging is still supposed to be fun right. if not get a 9-fiver. this has been a public service announcement/rant by the noob. me outs

5 thoughts on “sick and tired about people writing about google PR adjustment

  1. Renee

    Lordy, lordy, thank you mucho for your post! When I’d rather read about Paris than PR, you know it’s bad. Hey, it’s the Google G-d they’re talking about, that’s why it sounds like a religious debate!

  2. darts

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