Sidebar ads don’t work

arrow.jpgIt took me 2 months to realize that sidebar ads don’t work. Not even two months. How do i know? From my referral income.

I’ve been getting some good hits and signups for payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and smorty. I have these ads up on the sidebar but they don’t do shit for signups or hits. I think it’s because everyblog has these same 125×125 ads on the sidebar. It’s like adsense, people are aware of these ads, so they become blind to them. Automatic.

I get signups when i talk about them individually in my posts. When i post my earning from them, i get signups. I have proof of this. The days i don’t post about them, no signups. The days i do, (what do you know) signups! It’s not rocket science.

If you want your sidebar ads to work, you should customize them. Set up different images. Switch them up from time to time. Move them around.

Entrecard is becoming pretty popular so take advantage of that. Place your ads close to your entrecard ad. Maybe people will click the ad thinking they’re dropping their card off.

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  1. Aaron

    Do you have problems with spammers? I also use Blog Engine and I have some nice anti-spam techniques; please Email me if you are interested in an exchange of practices.

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