slackerjack.jpgThe owner of is a soph. in college. He’s busy with his studies but still manages a how to blog blog. He asked for a review, but i’ll do more then that. I’ll put some of my blogger newb opinions. Here are some of my suggestions.

First off, i see that he has his feedburner counter on his sidebar. I would replace the counter with a plain RSS icon. I think, you should only put up a counter when your RSS count goes above the 100 mark.

Slackerjack’s main monetization method is paid plugs. It’s a good source of income and i think more people should menetize their sites this way. The content on his site is pretty good. He talks about the usual MMO topics. Only suggestion i can make is, talk more about his personal life. I think, he could convert his generic MMO blog into a niche MMO blog. If he talked about his experiences in college, the blog could get more attention. If the blog takes of, maybe he could get more college students to blog for money. College students are usually always broke. I remember when i was a scrub. I’d eat ramen most of the week so i could take my girlfriend out to In & Out on the weekend.

If i owned slackerjack, i’d try to get to the top of “college job” related search terms.

Most MMO blogs get pretty bland. It’s a niche that is played out. It’s dorky and pyramid schemy. To break out of this dull shell, a blogger has to create a unique twist with his blog. My blog is for noobs. I’m a noob, you’re a noob, everybody’s a noob, noob. Slackerjack plays off the slacker college student image. But you read the post, and it’s just another MMO blog. He should play the slacker student card in each of his posts. I think it would be a more interesting read, and i think the blog would draw more attention.

I notice that he doesn’t have any blog networking widgets on his sidebar. He should definately site up with entrecard, blogcatalog, mybloglog, etc. It’ll boost his traffic and ranks.

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