Social traffic sucks

rachel bilson makes money onlineMost of you noobies get your traffic from social sites. I started this blog and started building up my traffic by using these social sites. These social networking sites are good to get started with, but you better start thinking search engine if you want to make money online. The traffic that these social sites send you mean nothing. The visits that come to you site via these social sites won’t help you make money online with you blog. Getting subscribers and comments is find and dandy, but it won’t help you with you blog monetization. Making money online is all about Google.

The guys that make money online try to spend most of their time on link building. Why? Because that is how google ranks you. You can be one of the most popular guys in the blogosphere, but that won’t mean shit if google doesn’t give you no love.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Adsense is one. Paid plugging is another. Selling links is another options. You can also sell some sort of scam or ebook. You can do freelance design or web master work for clients. The list goes on and on. Most of these monetization methods are either dependent on, or greatly improve if you get love from google.

If you currently don’t spend that much time on link building, you should re assess you blogging time. If you spend an hour a day on your blog, spend 30 mins of that on link building. Spend more then 30 mins. Trust me, you will see more results with link building as opposed to a well written blog post. If you want more detailed info about the importance of link building, head over to grizzly’s make money online blog.

4 thoughts on “Social traffic sucks

  1. Trent Brownrigg

    I completely agree!!! I have been preaching this exact same thing for a looooong time. It’s all about link building and search engine rankings (mainly Google). Social traffic is worthless. Grizzly and Vic know their stuff and they say the same thing!

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