Stated vs screenshot vs picture as proof of income

Its not quite proof but showing a screenshot of your earnings does say something. Of course it could be photoshopped but still something. Pictures of checks also work and can also be tricked. It could be a marketing trick or the real deal. I tend to believe the big guys just cause it seems possible considering the traffic they get and number of readership. I questions the smaller guys who say they are making the big bucks. Here are three of the big money screenshots. I prefer pics of checks to screenshots for the same reason i would rather get a photo with a celebrity as opposed to the autograph.

shoemoney Google Adsense check for 132,994.97

johnchow doesn’t even need to show proof. the great john chow says he made $23,448.59 in Oct 2007 and i believe him…for some reason i believe him…i don’t know why.

uberaffiliate $200,375.05 for Oct-Nov 2007. 19 affiliate marketer. Thats a Azoogleads screenshot. Hmm he has less then 400 readers vis feedburner and he’s been known to hack his feedburner reader number in the past. Do we believe him? I don’t, but i think he’s a great marketing idea. I went to his site to check it out and maybe you guys will to.