Stealing ideas

miley.jpgOne of the biggest concerns for wannabe business types is the fear of someone stealing their idea. Ideas are great. On my good days, i like to think of myself as an idea man. Most of the ideas i have float away into oblivion. A few get joted down on paper. If i’m lucky, one get to the feasibility stage.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Walk into any bar and eves drop on those chumps. You’ll hear so many lame ass ideas. Better yet, go to a blogging convention and hear more stupid ideas. Ideas aren’t special. And you’re not special for having a great idea. It’s what you do with the idea that matters.

Think about facebook. Xanga, friendster, myspace came before it. Friendster was a super hit. So, the guys over at myspace copied them, and it became a bigger hit. Then some kid does the same thing with facebook. It’s really amazing and i don’t completely understand it. Facebook isn’t doing anything new. The only good thing is that it’s a free version of classmates dot com. I bet the founder of classmates is kicking himself for not making it free.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Steal the wheel and make a few changes to it. There are a lot of ideas, if you just try to steal a few. Think of all the website that you visit on a regular basis. Try to do a mashup of those sites. Figure out why you like those sites, and set up a website that you would like. The internet has billions of users, i’m sure a few of them are like you.

9 thoughts on “Stealing ideas

  1. Me

    (I find that picture of Miley… disturbing.)

    I get tons of ideas all the time. Bit I sit on them for so long that someone else goes and does it and then I kick myself.

    I believe in a bit of both – adapt/build on an idea that’s out there if you want – use it as a base. But I also believe in new and fresh ideas – afterall, ‘the wheel’ was a brand-new idea once upon a time.

    take care, Nooby Noob :-)

  2. Steve

    The key to making money with your ideas is to take action. If you don’t decide to take action, then there is no problem is someone else runs with your ideas.

    I too have far more ideas then I am able to take action on, but I try and run with what I consider the best ideas.

    Have a great day!

  3. Funked

    Just about everything you see nowadays is a reworked or improved version of something else.

    I’m with you 100% noob.

  4. the noob Post author

    me- i think that pic of miley is artistic. it’s all a pr stunt anyhow. or miley trying to shed her montana image. anyway…u should start implementing your ideas!

    garg the unzola- it’s like a magic trick, u get amazed when u don’t know the trick, but after you figure it out, u go “damn, i’m an idiot…duh…obviously” hmm…that’s actually a good post idea

    steve- yup, it’s all about action steve. when u develop one of your ideas, leave me a link, i want to steal it 😉

    funked- yup, ain’t nuttin new under the son.

    mike- i have to disagree with you, most ideas for big websites are unimproved versions of other websites. keyword being unimproved. it’s all the same shit. 😉

  5. Jay

    I doubt the kid that made is kicking himself… he’s a millionaire from it. 😉


  6. bloggernoob

    jay- sure he’s a millionaire, but he could have been a billionaire. millionaires are a dime a dozen nowaday. Can’t stop human greed. You think you’ll be happy with a mil in the bank, but most likely you won’t. You’ll want 10 mil, and if you reach 10 mil, you’ll want 100. etc…

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