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vanessa hudgens makes money onlineI try to hit up the marketplace over at sitepoint once every two weeks. I like to shop around for websites that i think are good investments. I bought a few sites in the past that am really happy with. Even if you do not have the money, or do not want to buy an established website, you should visit the sitepoint marketplace. You should visit because it is a great source of information. The sites that are featured in the marketplace can help you understand the “make money online” economy. It is probably safe for me to say that most of you guys are noobs. Why else would you be reading a blog called “bloggernoob?” Then i can also assume that you do not understand how the online money world works. That is why you should research at sitepoint.

Studying the sites that make actual money online can help you get ideas. By visiting some of the sites listed, you can visualize how certain sites are monetized. The more research that you do, the more understanding you get will. You will start noticing patterns and formulas. You will understand why a certain site makes money via adsense and another strictly from affiliate links. You will gain a better understand of what sells and what doesn’t sell online.

The sitepoint marketplace is also a great source of inspiration. Some of the sites that sell for $xx,xxx are complete shit. I mean, the design and function of the site is terrible. But, they were able to start early and or build enough backlinks to make money. Looking at these shitty sites will give you a nice boost in confidence in yourself. It will give you the “can do” attitude. If that idiot can make 20 thousand dollars with a shitty site like that, you should at the very least be able to make ten grand.

Sitepoint isn’t the only place where web site are bought and sold. Digitalpoint and namepros also has their own market places. In fact, most of the popular web master forums have a section. Browse around these sites when you get a chance. You will most definitely learn a thing or two.

5 thoughts on “Study the sites that sell

  1. Trent Brownrigg

    Yep, I also like to browse sitepoint at least once per week to see if I can get a good deal or just to see what sites are selling and for how much. I also have a few that I want to put up for sale on sitepoint soon so I am trying to get a feel for how the auctions go on there.

  2. zawadi

    Hey noob, I think you need to have one day put aside to hold out hand and tell us it will be OK man :( Seriously i have to much energy in this Affiliate Marketing and see nothing in return.
    I decided to try to reach the untapped markets and that is speaking with minorities, like Latino and AF Americans whom I don’t see much of out here. I don’t see many who look like yours truly lmao…
    I know allot more than I talk about, and just only purchased 2 domains in the last few weeks. I will try to buy 2 a month and see how it all works out for me.

    I am also leaning how to use because I am a member there.
    Seriously man I sleep like every other nite.

    I have a folder filled with poop ebooks and wonder how can people actually ask for money for that crap.

    Anyway.. that’s my rant… Everyone that I know is not interested in this field and I am learning all of this on my own, why i hear people tell me, this is all a scam lmao lmao

    So I gotta prove them wrong lol

  3. Louis Burns

    One of the things I found in modeling successful copywriters and now a designer is that they all study examples. In doing that, you start to develop an intuitive feel for what works well and looks good.

    Thanks for the heads up on SitePoint. I’ll check it out.

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