Study the sites that you get paid to write about

As a bloggernoob, i am always trying to learn more about making more money with my blog. I try to sponge up all that i can. Most of the money making methods are not that hard to figure out. The basics are pretty much it. Everything else is all about being creative in getting traffic and getting links. If you want to figure out how a web site makes money, then you should study the sites that pay you to write about them. If you do that, you will learn how to make more money with your blog.

Most of you guy are probably familiar with paid plugging. If you understand why someone would pay you to blog about their web site, you pretty much figured out the web. You get paid to put up links on your site because you have something of value that the advertiser wants. If you get a lot of traffic, then it’s only understandable that a company would want to purchase an image ad from you. If you have a high PR blog, then whoever is paying you wants some of you google juice. These advertisers can buy ad space from you because they obviously make money online.

Get in the habit of visiting their web site. Study the links and ads on that web site. Study the products or services that they provide on their web site. If the site is an affiliate link laced site, then try to set up a web site that is similar to them. Do what they do but try to put your own spin on it as well. Just like Hollywood blockbusters, there is a clear formula to this whole “make money online” world. Study those sites that make money, and figure out that formula. Noob out!

24 thoughts on “Study the sites that you get paid to write about

  1. Solar Cooking

    Howdy stranger

    I have to say the pictures of young ladies, just seem to get better and better. Yummy 😉

    I digress though. I just wanted to say. Hoorah, I finally took the plunge and bought an ad slot on your revered blog.

    Suffice to say, I need to start spending my 1000’s of EC credits, word on the grapevine is that EC is going down.


  2. Living on Adsense Blog

    EC going down? That sucks!

    EC was one of the places that I used to research other people blogs and ideas from. Sometimes its thought to gauge the success of blogs by searching through Google, Blogcatalog etc, but with EC each blog was essentially rated (number of credits to advertise) so it was easy to see who was being successful and who you should emulate.

    Dag yo.

  3. jj-momscashblog

    Hey Noob, That is something that I had to do when I first took over MCB, “do what others are doing but put your own spin on it.” Great pointers here for everyone.

  4. Tesseract

    Interesting article, I would like to point out that even websites that don’t pay you money have some merit to blog about. Yes its not as effective, or profitable than paying sites but you don’t waste a lot of time trying to find the buyers.

    If you have a network of sites wanting you pay you to blog, than it makes sense to go after only paying reviews and/or blogging about sites that pay. But hear me out…

    Non-paying blog sites or sites of personal interest can be quite valuable if your site(s) generate some traffic for them. As many (if not all) watch their referrers and will likely get in touch with larger blogs who divert a lot of traffic to them, or blog back. This is not always true, but if your running a bunch of blogs you can quickly blog dozens of smaller sites into your informative reviews while still throwing in a few paid links.

    Also by doing this you can get some more street-creed with readers as it doesn’t look like your just another kid on the corner of the street wearing a hotdog suit saying how good the vendor 2 blocks down is.

    Just my thought.

  5. Taripre$

    I like this post, very interesting stuff, from everyone! I’m new to the whole blog thing and trying to soak up as much info as possible.


  6. roentarre

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