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stumble.jpgI’ve gotten small boosts of traffic cause of stumbleupon. How did i do this? Well my first stumble was done by a visitor. I didn’t even know my humble blog could get stumbled. It brought me around 130 unique visitors. Stumble doesn’t bring in quality traffic, but it does bring traffic. For a new blog, quality traffic isn’t that important. You first want to pad your stats and traffic, any traffic will give you a nice boost. It’ll also give you the energy to keep working on your site.

When i got my first stumble, i didn’t know how it happened. So i researched cause i knew i wanted to get in on this action. An easy way to get some stumble traffic is by stumbling yourself. Set up a Stumbleupon account and start stumbling yourself. Review your blog and review each individual blog post. It’s a simple way to drive traffic to your blog. I do this for bloggernoob and i do it for a few of my other blogs.

How do i know this will work for a new blog? Cause i tried it on a new blog i just set up. This new blog had only a few posts and traffic in the 2-7 unique visitors/day range. But when stumbled that blog, i got around 120 new visitors in one day. Of course the traffic died the next day, but that boost was all free and something i will up my stats.

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  1. Mark

    Greetings – this is a great post and one that should be read by many who think that Stumble Upon will bring you a flood of traffic everyday…

    I just put up a post about “Value Added Blogging – The Art of Growing Traffic Organically One Reader at a Time” and it was inspired by my SU spikes and then subsequent traffic downfalls.

    All the best for 2008,

  2. ryan

    Stumbling your own blog is alright. But if you do it too often your stumble ranking gets messed up in their algorithim. I got nearly 6,000 stumbles to one site last month, not bad for not promoting it. :)

  3. Allyn Paul

    I have stumbled a couple of my own posts, but what I have found is that you need to get in ca-hoots with a couple friends and have them also stumble the same post. (it’s like a Stumble gang)
    I did this on one particular post about growing grass in heavy shade. This post has been stumbled by 3 people other than me and it is getting 2-300 hits per day consistently for the past few weeks.
    I think that I have a little advantage here because there are basically zero lawn and garden blogs on stumble so I get all that traffic. JMHO.

  4. seine

    I thought the same thing at first, but haven’t taken the plunge yet … i hesitate b/c it’s a bit of shamelessly self-promotion, esp since i don’t have useful content (advice) like you do here :)

  5. Chica

    STumble yourself, well hell, I trip all the time, what do I want to stumble for..Oh that Stumble! :p

    I haven’t done it yet, but I should, because I know I have at least 100 golden posts in the 500 I have, or close to it. :)

  6. Berryvox

    I do that when I write on Helium or Associated Content. Doesn’t seem to work with my Blogspot blog though. Either I ran into the same problem as Laura or Blogspot is banned.

  7. missburrows

    SU is also a great way to get some ideas for a blog post. I will spend an hour Stumbling and will often get so inspired or so pissed off at something I have found that I immediately need to write a post.

  8. gusland

    Hey, you need to stop stumbling all that traffic, BN . We don’t want you reaching your under 100K Alexa goal you know 😉
    Not until 12th of january anyway …lol ..
    See you’re getting PRETTY close !

  9. gusland

    I dropped from 580K something to 362K something yesterday, so getting there 😉
    Looking forward to be fighting about the #1 spot with you sometime this year! LOL..
    Making this a personal contest ! 😉
    (although, you have a pretty good headstart..)

  10. the noob Post author

    mark- thanks for the props mark

    ryan- u again??? 6000 to one site is amazing. i better cut down a little bit on my stumbling. everything in moderation. ryan u should stumble me sometimes bro. scratch my back i scratch urs too. :)

    allyn paul- u should join chris’s “crkian” group on blogcatalog.

    laura- hmm. i didn’t know that. thanks for the headsup laura

    chica- chica, that joke was corny. but since it was you…i will let it pass. i’ll stumble u later.

    berryvox- do u like helium or AC? haven’t tried yet. but maybe i’ll give it a shot later. just been busy trying to build up this blog.

    SD- yup u should

    tom- thanks tom. Cruise?

    missburrows- yeah. i should have mentioned that in my posts. nice comment. great for ideas

    victor- thanks victor!

    gusland- haha. thanks. alexa updated yesterday i think. hopefully it’ll update before the 12th or i am screwed. haha. ur stats are not too shabby. keep up the good work

  11. Marc

    Absolutely amazing Noob. Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully this tip can give me positive increase in traffic.

    Well done and keep on sharing.

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