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superstitious.jpgAre any of you superstitious? I grew up in a very conservative christian household. So obviously my brain is kinda wired for superstition. I’m not that superstitious anymore, but i still have my moments. Its more obsessive compulsive then anything else. Today, i was checking my technorati rank, and noticed something that kinda freaked me out. I have 666 blog reactions.

666.jpgThe number 666 is not good. It’s the mark of the beast. It’s the mark that the united anti-christ goverment is going to force on our foreheads or back of our palm on judgement day. Scary stuff. When i was a kid, i wasn’t scared of Freddy Kruger or Michael Myers, i was scared of rapture. i was scared of 666.

What do i do now. My blog is kinda growing and i’m starting to get regular visitors. I’ve even made a few bucks. But what now? Now that bloggernoob dot com has been branded with 666, what do i do? Do i have to throw salt over my left or right shoulder? Knock on wood? Help me guys. Some one please link to my blog so that i don’t have to look at 666 on my technorati page. Link to me if you’re christian! Link to me if you saw Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks. If you don’t want to link to me, you should at Subscribe to my RSS feed. Will that change my 666 technorati? Nope but it might enlarge your penis. If you have a small penis and have been disappointed by the results of penis enlargement pills. Try subscribing to my RSS feed. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It works! Ask my future wife!

Post Script…..Don’t ask my wife. And i apologize for cheapening an already cheap make money blog with penis jokes.

4 thoughts on “Superstitious blogger

  1. Raven

    I’m just wondering if he was desperate cause he had a smaller penis before, or he was just looking for way to increase he readership so he subscribed to his own feed.

    That Noob, always raising the bar, or the .. nevermind. 😉

  2. Living on Adsense

    Another number I learned to fear after reading the “Left Behind” Series (which is a must read for anyone fearing the rapture) which is 216, and I hate to inform you but your Technorati authority is 216

  3. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- witchy. it’s clinically proven only for men. for women, i heard that it increases bust size. but penis growth could be a side effect so be careful.

    raven- ummm. huh?

    livingonadsense- i love the left behind series. i also love the movies with kirk cameron. speaking of kirk cameron…i miss growing pains. and speaking of growing pains, i miss leo dicaprio. imma go watch titanic now. i was talking about technorati authority. i was talking about my technorati blog reactions. it was 666. if you click on the pick, u can see. :)

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