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Noob will buy an ad on your blog

buysell.jpgI mentioned briefly in my last post about how i want to flip turn upside down the business of buying and selling ads. BloggerNoob dot com is a make money blog but i’m trying out an experiment. Make money blogs usually sell ads, but i will be giving them away for free. Make money blogs usually buy ads from other bigger make money blogs, but i will buy ads from my readers. If you have an interesting blog and think i should advertise on your blog, link to my make money blog and leave me a comment below to your link and i shall come check out your blog. Continue reading

Too many ads?

gayflag.jpgI have mixed feeling about this issue. How do you know when you have too many ads on your blog? How many ads are too many? It’s all relative to the type of blog you own. It also depends on the quality of your content. Also, the layout and spacing varies this equation. Continue reading