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Threads at Blogcatalog

blogcatalog.jpgI like most of the bloggers that are on Blogcatalog. I think the site is way better then mybloglog and the bloggers are more active. I participate in the discussions there on a regular basis. I’ve noticed that it’s usually the same guys who are active. This is both good and bad at the same time. It’s good cause you get to build up a friendship with some of the bloggers on the threads. Because not a lot of people participate, you get closer to the ones that do. They will help you out with questions and they will check out your site. They’ll even comment, stumble, and digg your site if it’s good. The bad point is that there aren’t a lot of people participating. Traffic equals income and this limits the amount of visitors you’ll get from the discussions. I do it cause it’s fun and helpful. Time might be better spent on other web forums, but i like to do the bulk of my discussions on BC cause it’s more fun. Other then BC, i recommend Sitepoint and Digitalpoint.

If you get a good discussion going, you’ll get a lot of traffic. The only problem is that it’s hard to get good discussions started. Just keep posting new topics and have solid content to back it up. You’ll see some visitors.

I recommend that you put up new content and start a discussion on that topic. Place a link to your post and you’ll get a lot of hits in a short amount of time. I’ve found that controversy keeps the thread going for a long time. So spice up your posts and forums threads and watch your traffic grow.