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Bloggernoob doing some much needed site cleaning

Hello world! The bloggernoob is still alive and well. This blog is getting old. It gained a lot of fat and let itself go. But it’s not about to die yet. That’s why i’ve been doing some house cleaning.

Google Penguin hit bloggernoob.com hard. There were updates where the rank of this website fell before, but Penguin was different. First of all, the new update completely removed my blog from the index. You can search “bloggernoob” on google and find nothing. All you see are other sites that mention bloggernoob or my twitter or starcraft 2 account.

I continue to get emails regarding private advertising. It’s surprising but understandable considering that this blog has been in the game for over 5 years now. Bloggernoob is a dinosaur when it comes to blogs about blogging.

Anyway the loss of private ads income wasn’t too bad. But my affiliate commissions started get hit real bad. This is when i started to panic. I worked really hard building up my passive income stream. And bloggernoob was a big part of that. But to get taxed like this was a problem.

So i’ve decided to slowly work this blog back into shape.

Blogging isn’t what it used to be. But, blogs are established now. Blogging isn’t popular to the masses, but this platform has established itself as a credible source of information. Blogs dominate the web.

My blog got punished because of the paid posts that i did heavily in the past. I should have removed all of the posts long time ago but i was too lazy. This blog is now free of all the useless paid plugs. I’ve trashed all of these posts. I didn’t realize how many i had on this blog. I erased about 400 such posts.

I’m going for quality content now. The blogging landscape has changed a great deal since i started out. I will feature new info sources as well as monetization methods. This time around i will try to cover practices that won’t get penalized by the mighty Google gods.

My categories and tags are all cluttered. I will have to do some organizing as well. Thanks for visiting bloggernoob.com. The noob out!

Facemoods.com Q & A

Bloggernoob.com wants to inform the readers about the money making opportunities that are found online. The Noob constantly seeks out websites and ventures that make money online. I was talking to the guys over at facemoods.com about the business that they run. Maybe this little Q & A can give you noobs some new ideas or improve upon old ideas.

How much money does facemoods.com make?

Cannot divulge that information. (Bloggernoob figures that facemoods.com does pretty considering that it logged around 7 million users. Even if a small percentage uses it, the services gets a lot of hits per month.)

How does facemoods.com make money online?

Facemoods is a free software, available for download everywhere in the world. We make our money by displaying relevant ads to users. We aim to show ads that give an added value to our users by presenting additional useful information.
Also, we offer an added value through ads on our Facemoods Toolbar. Our toolbar includes some cool features such as a radio where you can save your favorite stations and listen to them directly from the toolbar. It also offers a link to your Facebook profile so you can access various pages of your profile instantly, no matter where you are on the web. And of course, it offers a direct link to the Facemoods Games page.

When was facemoods.com founded? Who are the founders?

Facemoods was founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs: Arnon Harish, Tamir Carmi and Nethanel Shadmi. Our product, Facemoods, became an immediate hit among Facebook users and the demand was huge from the start. Currently almost 7 million users enjoy Facemoods worldwide. And the rate is still growing at high speed.

How many employees work for facemoods.com?

At present we are 11 employees.

What type of internet marketing strategy does facemoods.com use? SEO? Viral?

Facemoods emoticons are currently used primarily on Facebook. Much of our marketing is run through Facebook, as does much of our contact with the Facemoods community of users. We have a very vibrant Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/facemoods and we keep a very close connection with the community, through wall posts and comments. We announce all our latest emoticons and winks on our Facebook page.
In addition, we have two other apps on Facebook, each one of them is used to add a unique, fun experience to Facebook. One of these is http://www.facebook.com/Supermoods – for posting winks on status updates, and the other is http://www.facebook.com/Funmoods, an app which lets you make fun effects on profile pictures. We use these to offer our users an additional way to interact with users as well as to leverage our marketing.
Other than that, we use SEO, to get a better ranking and increase our online presence. SEO is an important practice for almost every company in the market today.

What is the traffic like for facemoods.com?

The traffic is very good and our ranking is growing fast. We’ve translated the site to 11 languages so our traffic comes from all over the world. We try to keep in touch with users from various countries through our blog so our SEO efforts are extended to different markets.