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Why most businesses fail

hilary duff makes money onlineI’m a business man. I’ve always been this way. I remember when i was a little kid, i would buy and sell baseball and basketball cards. I even dabbled with comic books. I would subscribe to becket to see the rise of my stock-like trading cards. When i was in 6th grade, i started my first business. It wasn’t a biggie, but i got one of cousins to go 50-50 with me on a baseball card business. I sold my most valuable basketball card (Michael Jordan second year card) and started renting booths at card conventions. It was pretty sweet for a while. I got to taste the life of a businessman. Or i prefer the hip hop term, I’m a hustler baby! Continue reading

Business is basic

business.jpgI know most people are comfortable with the safety of a salary. It’s secure and doesn’t really cause that much stress. You do your work and you get paid. Business isn’t that secure. Business is a gamble. Some days, you might not get paid. Some days you might even lose money. But, business is the way to make a lot of money. I know a lot of rich people and none of them have become rich because of their salary. A few doctors i know have gotten rich cause they invested in real estate, not cause of what the hospital paid them. When you make 6 figures, your life styles changes. You get a bigger house, nicer car, and spend more money dinning out. You know how hard it is to save 100k even if you make 100k a year? I know a tax account who became rich, not by doing other people’s taxes, but by setting up his own import export company. The road to riches is not done by climbing the corporate ladder. Very few get rich via a company check or bonus. Of course there are outliers like tech companies and ipo and stock options but let’s not get into that. Continue reading