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Picture Photo Design sites

photos.jpgI own own over a hundred domain names. I have half of them just parked, but with the other half, i set up blogs, static pages, and affiliate landing pages. What i’ve noticed is that, the ones i put pictures, Photos, or a nice design gets a bit of traffic. These sites i updated once a week if i’m lucky. These sites don’t get regular traffic, but they do get stumbled every 10 days or so. I figured i’ll grow these sites this way, and build up the rankings. This will enable me to develop these sites more easily later. If i’m desperate, i could probably sell some of these sites for like 50 bucks or so. Continue reading

BloggerNoob 2.0

oldbloggernoob.jpgI just finished with the redesign of this blog. Still getting everything updated but i’m really happy with it so far. What do you guys think? I wanted a web 2.0 feel with the redesign and i think i was able to get it with the addition of color and rounded buttons and corners. Check out the before and after.