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How much are entrecard credits worth?

elisha cuthbert makes money onlineI’ve been purchasing entrecard credits for quite a while now. I buy them on ebay and i buy them from my readers. From my transactions, i would have to value entrecard credits at around $3.30 per 1000 entrecard credits. At this price, you can see how much your entrecard widget is making per month. My entrecard ad space costs around 500-1000 entrecard credits a day. I’ll take the average of the two. If i take 750 credits/day and multiple it by 30, i’m left with 22,500 credits at the end of the month. If i divide that by 1,000, i have my monthly income via entrecard. I make $22.50 per month with my entrecard widget. The income is not great, but it’s better then project wonderful or adsense. More importantly, i get a lot of traffic via entrecard. And i could add to how many credits i earn per day, by dropping off my card on other blogs. If you’re not already on entrecard, you really should check them out. It’ll help you make money online.

I will buy your entrecard credits

entrecredits.jpgThe noob is doing a little entrecard experiment. I did an entrecard challenge not so long ago. I don’t have the time to drop cards like a lunatic, but i do want to continually get traffic from entrecard. So what’s a noob to do? The noob will buy entrecard credits from you. That’s right, i will buy your entrecard credits. Continue reading