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My official first month income

Blogging for dollars is not as easy as i first expected but I’m still very surprised at how much i was able to make during my first month. I spent more hours on this blog then all of my off line businesses combined. The reason is because i tried to learn everything from scratch. I’m very much a do-it-yourself type of guy. I like to teach myself new things every once and again. Of course i won’t need to spend as much time this month. The past 30 days i spent countless hours tweaking my sites theme. Then i got a new theme and started tweaking that. I signed up to different forums and networking sites. I signed up with multiple affiliate sites and post programs. I built up links and i commented on other blogs. I emailed and brainstormed. Mostly i researched, read, and wrote. Here are my stats for my first month.


pppreferal.jpgpppnov1.jpgPayperpost-87.87+45.00 Continue reading