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Bloggernoob, a year of making money online

olga kurylenko makes money online with bloggernoobSorry about the long delays in my post for the past couple months. I have been really busy with my offline work. Also, i have been spending more and more time developing my other websites and blogs. I can’t believe it but my freaking blog is over a year old. I set up this blog in July but didn’t do a thing until late October of 2007. I have since gone on to make quite a lot of money with this little blog. If i had to start all over again, i don’t think i would start a make money online blog. I would much rather spend my precious time writing about movies and hot babes. At any rate, i was able to turn this ghetto blog into a money maker. I wanted to share with you guy my one year anniversary and the income derived from my blog. Just like a romantic relationship, the passion dies out with time. When i first started, i wrote income updates and anniversaries every chance i got. But now that Bloggernoob is a year old, i do not do those childish things. The passion has died out. But i continue because i make some nice side cash. Not very inspiring but i gets paid! I made a total of $25,237.42 during my year of blogging. Continue reading

Make Money Online Income Reports

make money online with angelina jolie and income reportsIncome reports help you make money online. They are a cheap and easy way to market and brand your MMO blog. It’s very unoriginal and it’s rather sleazy, but it works. Every time i put up one of these suckers, i get a lot of referral sign ups. I also see a nice boost in traffic. I think people love to read about other peoples’ money. Look at Forbe’s rich list. Look at all those trashy VH1 and E! celebrity profile shows. Dude! MTV Cribs! We are a generation of lazy ass losers and nothing makes us more happier then watching what other people have. It’s sad, but if you’re a sleazy “make money online” type, (like me) you should exploit it. Since i’m leaving for Seattle and then Vancouver, i wanted to post a collection of my past income reports. It might be a good way to examine bloggernoob dot com’s growth. Continue reading