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The best internet marketer is a girl

audrey.jpgI like my post title. It’s simple and it’ll make the guys want to read at least a few lines here. I’m going to make a valid point. The best internet marketers are girls. Why? Cause most internet marketing bloggers are guys. It’s like when you go to the casino and sit at a poker table. You’ll see a bunch of fat, old, and bald guys. When a lady sits down, the table changes. Even if the girl is fugly, the mood on that table changes. Might be the estrogen. If a hot girl sits down, you’ll really see a different table dynamic. Continue reading

We’re internet marketers not internet beggers.

cunt.jpgLet’s have some pride my fellow internet marketers. Eww, i hate that label. Let me rephrase. Let’s have some pride my fellow internet money whores. Naw that doesn’t work either. Don’t want to offend anyone with the W word. Cunts? Naw. Although johncow did get a lot of people on his site with that word…cunt. Even the problogger left a disgusted comment. It was pretty cool. I’d loved to receive a hate comment from Darren. It’s only a word. And it’s actually a beautiful word. Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman used to call each other cunts on the set of Closer. That’s fact ladies and gentlemen. I saw it on E! entertainment television. If Julia and Natalie can make blinged out necklaces with the word cunt and give it to each other as presents, i think i can say it on my blog. Continue reading