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Internet marketing gets a bad rap

make money online with heather grahamInternet marketing and the “make money online” niche gets a bad rap because there are a lot of scams out there. It seems like every landing page that i get to, is an internet scam. You have the classic voice over intro with a long list of reasons why you should buy their ebook. The site has a ton of testimonials from “Kelli, Little Rock and Jim, Santa Clara” praising the product. It all looks fishy. Did Kelli from Little Rock really buy the product? Did Jim from Santa Clara really make $17,823.43 by using the secret strategies in the ebook? All of these pages look like late night informercial scams. Can people make affiliate landing pages that don’t look like scams? Continue reading

You have to sell something to make money online

ivanka trump makes money onlineI think successful make money online bloggers make money by selling stuff. I believe that the stuff that most of them sell are worthless. But, i have to give it to them. They’re really good at selling junk. Or they’re good at selling ads for useless junk. I think that’s what internet marketing is all about. It’s about selling worthless ebooks or MMO programs to unsuspecting noobs. I don’t want to, but i think i will try to start doing this. I won’t do this on bloggernoob dot com, but i will set up a few sites just for selling worthless programs. Continue reading