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Bloggers giving out too many links

tupac.jpgI see a lot of useless links to my blog. Every day i follow these links i see around a hundred other links. I think entrecard is partly to blame, but some of these idiots are linking like crazy just for the fun of it. Even if a blog doesn’t have good stats, the links should be guarded. Links are valuable. Bloggers should take better care of linking to other blogs. Sending out mass links in a single post, doesn’t do much. All that link juice is divided. A dollar is pretty good. But when you divide a dollar by a hundred, you’re only left with a penny. Not very good for making money with your blog is it. Continue reading

A-list bloggers want to link to you

a-list.jpgThe noob is very anti-paying for stuff. The noob is very cheap and doesn’t like to spend hard earned cash on useless things like A-list advertising. Why pay for something that is so temporary? It’s almost like paying for sex. You get all excited and purchase something that was meaningless and brief. When it’s over, you’ll just be out $450 and feel really cheap and dirty afterwards. So i’ve heard… Continue reading