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Paid plugging is profitable

paid plugging make money onlineMost of you already know that i am a big advocate of paid plugging. I think that this form of monetization is the easiest to get started with. If you tried out adsense, you probably already know how hard it is to make money online with adsense. If you’re reading my blog, you’re probably not making much with affiliate sites either. Paid plugging is still one the the biggest money makers on bloggernoob dot com. I wanted to show you noobs some fancy screen shots of how i’ve been doing. As you can tell, i’ve been making money online. It’s totally possible to make a hundred dollars a day with you blog. Continue reading

Bloggernoob doesn’t make $80/day online Part 2

rosario dawson doesn\'t make $80/day online. make money onlineFirst of all, let me congratulate myself on the title of my blog post. I mixed in a little reverse psychology with you guys. If i wrote “Bloggernoob makes $80/day online Part whatever,” it wouldn’t have gotten as many hits. As i promised in my last post (Bloggernoob doesn’t make $80/day online Part 1), i will discuss in detail of how i monetize my other blogs. Bloggernoob is my flagship blog. But, i don’t make all of my online income with this blog. I first set up bloggernoob to try to see if i could make money online. I have achieved this goal and then some. I could probably sell this blog for a nice profit, but i don’t think that i ever will. It’s become my baby. Continue reading