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Make money blogs the noob reads

Blogging about “How to make money online” is a drag most of the time. It isn’t a particularly interesting subject for most people. It doesn’t require a lot of brain skills either. It’s all about getting links and writing keyworded titles and posts. Making money is about retelling the same sold tale. It’s very similar to Hollywood blockbusters. You get the same plot, same actors, and change up the selling. Think about the movie Speed 2. It was the same thing as Speed, minus Keanu. It was the same thing as Speed, except it was on a boat. Make money online blogs are just like that. No creativity and all special effects. No plot and bad acting. But, new noobies keep visiting my web site. It’s because search engine keep filling my traffic sheets. That’s why the most important thing you can do for your blog is SEO. Get a lot of keyword specific links pointing to all parts of you blog. If you do that, you can keep repeating the same garbage over and over again. You can write one post and rehash it over and over again. It’s boring, but if it gets you clicks, you did what you set out to do. Continue reading

Always be suspicious

suspicous.jpgAlways be suspicious with so called money making advice. People who tell you this program will help you make money online are saying it for a reason. A. they are being paid to say it. B. they will get a commission if you click or sign up under them. Or C. they are telling you the unbiased no nonsense truth. It’s rarely C. I’ll tell you right now. Don’t trust me. Why? Cause i’m trying to make money with this blog, thats why! Continue reading