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Working the forums for money

forum-money.jpgWhen bloggernoob first started, i spent a lot of time doing the forums rounds. It was difficult to get attention even tho i was heavily doing all of the free marketing. I could have easily given up but i didn’t. I even got some paying gigs out of the deal. Of course the money wasn’t much(like $5 max) but i was able to start making money with bloggernoob. Continue reading

Don’t be cheap

cheap.jpgThis blog post isn’t for noobs. Business, even blogging, is like monopoly. If you buy Baltic and Mediterranean(purple) and put hotels on them, you’ll only make 500 bucks at most. But if you buy Boardwalk and Parkplace and place hotels, you make 2 grand. It’s more expensive to buy the Boardwalk and it cost more money to put hotels on them, but it’s well worth it. Theres a saying in real estate. It’s better to buy a shitty house in a rich neighborhood then a mansion in the ghetto. If you want to make money online, you can’t be cheap. This post isn’t for noobs. This post is for people who have been blogging for at least 3 months. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know what to avoid. Don’t pay for overpriced stuff, but learn to distinguish between pricey things, and things that are worthwhile. I still think a review on johnchow is for losers. But there are a lot of options that require cash to work. Spend money on a new themes. Invest in a new website. Buy a premium domain. Buy a website on sitepoint. So many things you can do to increase your online income. These things require you to invest some of your cash. If you’re a noob, don’t do it yet. Do this after you understand how the online economy works. Do this after you can spot a good deal from a scam. Not even scams, Just things that are way overpriced. Like a johnchow review. Continue reading