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Maximum payperpost

paid-posting.jpgThe Noob is a big fan of paid posting. The reason being that it enables newb bloggers a way to make a few bucks with their blog. If sites like payperpost or sponsoredreviews didn’t exist, most bloggers would only make pennies. If you were lucky, you’d probably be able to pull in enough in one month to buy yourself a cup of coffee at starbucks. But, because of paid posting, new bloggers can make at least a few hundred bucks a month with their money making blogs. How much can you make with paid posting? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Why paid posting is better then google adsense

no_tshirts-795480.jpgI’m a big advocate for paid posting. A lot of BloggerNoob’s income comes from paid posting. Paid posting makes it possible for a new blog to start monetizing right away. You don’t have to wait a year to start monetizing your site. Running a blog takes a lot of hard work and it can be very time consuming in the first couple of months. It’s a plus to be paid even a little for your troubles. People say adsense this and adsense that, but honestly, you only make a few dollars from adsense. Making $10 dollars a day from adsense is very very difficult to do. On the flip side, making $10 a day with paid posting is so easy. Paid posting is not always lollipops and sugarcanes. There are disadvantages too. Continue reading