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I made more in referrals then paid posting

pppagain.jpgI just checked my payperpost stats and found that i made more with the referrals then my actually paid posting. I think i was able to do this cause i show the earnings potential of PPP in my posts. Just having your 125×125 link won’t get you any clicks. You have to keep pushing it to the people that visit your blog. Obviously a great way to get someone’s attention is by flashing $ signs on the post and title. You will have to back it up with some concrete info for them to want to click. I just show them how much i made in the form of a screenshot. I couldn’t fit all of the referral in the pick cause but there is one more referral not included in the screenshot.

Payperpost requires that your site is at least 3 months old. I was lucky enough to have set up the blog back in July. I started posting in late October but since i had one post in July i qualified.

I made $165.00 in referrals and $142.79 in posts. That’s a total of $307.79 from payperpost.