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Text link ads following the auspicious path of agloco

algoco.jpgI was over at johncow reading the tla article. More amusing was the comments left by people. It appears that tla is not paying affiliates for referrals. That’s a big kick in the privates for a website. Not feeding the cash cows for work well done is a sure sign of aglocoville. I’m still a noob, but i’ve been blogging for around 7 weeks. I kinda know what programs work and what are a waste of time and i can say that tla is trash. I wanted to push it for another month or so, but if it’s not working for cow, it’ll definitely not work for my humble blog. The greatest part of that article is johnchow standing up for tla. I know johnchow is that man. He makes some bank with his blog, but he’s no Nostradamus. Not everything he says or does ends up in success. Sometimes he roots for sites like agloco. Next stop tla.