Take advantage of Cpanel

jamie king makes money onlineIf you host your own blog, you’re probably on some sort of shared plan. BloggerNoob is on a shared plan too. Dorks talk about dedicated servers and this and that, but you really don’t need much for a blog. If you don’t already have hosting, you should click on “Web Hosting” on top of my blog and get yourself one. A lot of you are noobs when it comes to Cpanel. Cpanel works awesome. It makes things fast and easy. You don’t have to fuss with the installs. You can have any type of site set up with a click of the mouse.

The hosting providers i mention above all have Cpanel. Well, all except the windows server. Anyway, you guys are reading my blog because you either have a blog, or you are thinking about setting one up. But don’t just stop at that. Cpanel allows you to set up other types of sites. You can use Drupal, Joomla, php forums whatever. You can set up subsites or host other domains on one shared plan. It’ll cost less then 10 bucks a month. You can host 100 sites on one plan.

WordPress is a great blogging platform. It’s a great content management system, but it’s kinda limited. Once you get familiar with WordPress, you should increase your education by trying out Drupal and Joomla. I’ve seen some really cool sites using these CMSs.

Bloggers waste too much time blogging and reading other people’s blog. When you get tired of the routine, you should login to cpanel and install a different CMS to one of you other subdomains. Mess around with it and try to download themes and templates. You’ll find that it’s pretty easy to set up.

9 thoughts on “Take advantage of Cpanel

  1. Jared Stenzel

    I first have to get used to the normal cpanel. Still can’t figure out for the life of me how to delete that jaredstenzel blog. I wanted to get a forum up…

  2. jj

    Hey Noob, I could not have picked a better time to come over and visit you! First reason is the c-panel, I am having some trouble with my c-panel or should I say I don’t know where the hell it is. I’m waiting for my teacher to finish this up,but I’m not so sure about that.
    I might ask for help later if you don’t mind>?

    Also I am a CELTIC fan and I think we are going to take care of LA, wanna make a small wager????????? Thurs. night can not Wait!!*JJ*

  3. bloggernoob

    jared- jared, it’s easy. You just have to go to fantastico, and wordpress install. there should be a remove button. Done!

    jj- Sure i’ll help! shoot me an email with your specific questions. I’ll help you even tho you’re a celtics fan 😉

  4. Jared Stenzel

    Oh, and by the way noob. Cpanel just updated it’s wordpress to the newest version. I’ve already upgraded, and my site had no negative affects.

  5. Tresvanty

    I’m so hesitant to do the web hosting because my blog is so new. Once I get a substantial amount of readers etc i’ll look into cpanel. Thanks.

  6. wendy

    I am just learning how to use Cpanel Takes some learning about where to place things and those codes

    Gets confusing at times but I think the jump to self hosting is the only way to go.

    I still have a blog with a PR5 but as it was hosted with WordPress.com I was limited so am now running both

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  8. the noob Post author

    jared- i’m glad ur getting used to cpanel.

    tresvanty- sure thing. if you’re planning on switching to your own host, sooner is better then later. FYI 😉

    wendy- i’m glad ur enjoying your own hosting wendy. hey wendy, are you scraping my content on one of your blogs? arrrh 😉

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