Taking a que from the spammers

make money online with emily mortimerI was looking over my spam folder today. I receive hundreds of spam comment on bloggernoob dot com every week. If i add the spam emails, it goes into the thousands. I’ve always been curious about spam. First off, i love spam. Spam is yummy with some rice and nori (Hawaii style). Spam goes well in certain Korean food dishes. I went off on a tangent there. Let’s talk about the not so tasty spam. Let’s leave Hormel out of this. Spammers spam for a reason. There must be some money in spam. Why else would there be spam?

If you look at the various spam emails and comment, you’ll notice a certain theme. You’ll notice that spammers are of the adult nature. Spam links usually deal with porn or “adult” products. Viagra, penis enlargement products, money laundering, etc. Aside from the illegal, i think there must be something there. If spammers make money, they are doing so by taking advantage of the system. This means that their annoying and sometimes illegal marketing tactic is working.

I am not encouraging you guys to go out and spam. I am merely stating that you should familarize yourself with these types of aggressive forms of internet marketing. You might learn a lesson or two.

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