Targeted hits are overrated

kate.jpgA lot of bloggers talk about the value of targeted hits. I recognize and appreciate “make money online” hits to my blog, but to be honest, i don’t give a rats ass. If a guy looking for matress covers comes to my site, i welcome him with open arms. In a way, i actually prefer these random visits more then targeted traffic.

Bloggernoob dot com is in the uber competitive “make money online” niche. Targeted hits for me consists of other “make money online” bloggers. And most of them are johnchow clones. This means that most of the targeted hits are worthless. Johnchow wannabes are already signed up for all the programs i’m pushing. They signed up via his crappy blog, instead of my crappy blog. There’s nothing more i can sell or make commission off of. If i tried to monetize my blog with those dorks, i probably would have quit this blog by now.

Many “make money bloggers” try to sell their private ads by stating that they provide the advertiser with targeted traffic. Bullshit! I’d rather not receive traffic from other make money bloggers. The only targeted traffic i’m looking for is via search engines.

This applies to blog networking. I visit and comment on a lot of different blogs. I’m not interested in commenting on other make money blogs. This might go against the grain. Most make money online bloggers will tell you that you should leave useful comments on other blogs in your niche. I do agree that it can build readership. Doing so also announces your blog to other bloggers. But if you think about it, you’re not going to make more money by doing so. If you leave a comment on chow’s blog, you might get a few clicks, but it’ll be from his clones. Like i said above, they already bought into everything you’re selling on your blog. You’re not gonna make any money off of these chumps.

If I leave a comment on a beauty blog and i get a few hits, those hits will be from people who probably don’t know a thing about making money online. So, these are potential customers. If traffic is gained by such a comment, it’ll have a high bounce rate(the visitor will leave right away) but if you’re lucky, one might stay. If one stays and he or she likes your blog, you can make some coin off of that person. You see what i’m getting at here?

I’m not saying that all targeted hits are overrated. Just most of them. Traffic from other make money blogs don’t mean squat. Try mixing in some off niche marketing. Start visiting blogs that have nothing to do with your niche and leave comments there. Do it cause those blogs are more interesting. And do it cause it’ll help you make money.

5 thoughts on “Targeted hits are overrated

  1. Sudarshan

    I agree to the fact that John Chow blog is full of his personal stuffs like where he ate who gave him party and so on….then why do people visit his blog….I believe courtneyturtle blog is far more better and has good stuffs…but that has less traffic than johnchow..

  2. the noob Post author

    sudarshan- i agree with ya, court’s blog is way better then chow’s blog. why does he get so many visits? if i could answer that, i’d be making as much as the chowster

  3. Wendy

    Not sure about your choice of pics Noob LOL What are you prejudice against good looking hunks in skimpies??? LOL

    I have to agree Targeted marketing is not what they make it out to be.
    My thoughts are you get more from the ones that just happen by.
    Either they will like what they see and come back or they won’t.

    Visiting blogs that are not close to what you you are blogging will bring return hits and comments from them. We hope.

    I agree those are the ones we need. Not ones who are in trying sell their products or programs

  4. Jay

    LOL! Noob, you’re hilarious. I like how you contradict yourself lol… the title “Targeted hits are overrated” and then at the end “I’m not saying that all targeted hits are overrated” lol!

    But you’re right, I rather have other bloggers who don’t know about MMO to come and learn from me cause I’m willing to help out… A-listers probably won’t.


  5. bloggernoob

    wendy- i put a few pics of george clooney in skimpy shorts. i guess i’ll have to put more up for ya. yeah, most MMO bloggers throw “targeted traffice” out like it means something. highly over rated.

    jay- thanks jay, life is a contradiction. i also said that most are right after that last statement. I figure i’d rather have a reader who is new to this game, as opposed to someone who worships johnchow.

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