Technorati valuator is a joke

My blog is worth $27,662.46.
How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $27,662.46. That’s no where near what it’s worth. The problem with this appraisal is that it relies on technorati api. It’s rather easy to improve your technorati score. You need to build links and comment on other people’s blogs. Get a few cheap reviews of your site and your rank goes up dramatically. It’s a fun little script but it’s way off. It’ probably better asking the magic 8 ball how much my blog is worth. “How much is BloggerNoob worth magic 8 ball?….It is decidedly so”

7 thoughts on “Technorati valuator is a joke

  1. Jean Costa

    It’s about as good as Alexa ranking.

    Although, I think Alexa ranking can be accurate for the top websites of the world, but not your small websites.

  2. the noob Post author

    davidrader- its way off

    thewild1- really? so you think my blog is worth 27k and your blog is worth 33k?

    jeancosta- the the major rankings are not that accurate. i would have to say that alexa is the best be default

    davidrader- yeah i was thinking the same thing. getting all of the different rankings together to get a more complete result.

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  4. Adrian

    I can’t see how a blog can be given a value anyway, yes we know the 10 times monthly income, but many blogs are nothing without the blogger who started them. Change of ownership, change of style, etc and you have a different blog.

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