Telemarketers beware

I was once a telemarketer. for about a month i had a tele gig. i know i was a leech and it was a crappy job but i was desperate and they hired quick. i was pushing newpaper subscriptions. while working there i was surprised to see that people actually buy things from telemarketers. there was this one girl that was always the top seller. she had a sexy voice and knew how to use it to sell newpaper. i quit after a month cause i found another job and cause i kept gettng cussed out oh the phone. now when i receive a tele call i am nice and i get to the point in telling them to remove me from the calling list. this usually never works. anywho people need to make money whether it be a blog or via tele. heres a funny vid about a guy playing a prank on a telemarketer.

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