Tell your offline friends about your blog

friends.jpgWhen i started this blog, i was hesitant to introduce the blog to my offline friends. Why? Because it seemed rather silly and childish. Now i feel that it’s a fun little project that can yield some good side income. I want my friends to get in on it.

In the beginning, i struggled with the basics of starting a blog because i didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t even know what to do or how to get it off the ground. When you talk to your offline buds, you’ll discover that most of them are complete noobs. If you help them set up a blog, they will benefit from your experience. You will benefit from the domain, hosting, and referral commissions. Of course if you are still a complete noob, you probably won’t be able to help them out. But once you get your blog rolling, get your friends on board and work together. This is a great way to start monetizing your website.