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sideincome.jpgI have a friend and his younger brother just finished college. He submited his resume and started going on some interviews. He needs quick cash to start paying off his various bills, so he started temping. I remember when i worked for a temp agency. It sucked.

When you’re a temp, you usually have to run errands for whoever you’re working under. Temps usually just file and stuff envelops. It’s the lowest of the lows and i hated it. Sometimes you’ll go from temp to full time employee. That’s cool only if you like the job.

Let’s say that you have a job that pays minimum wage. So you’re making less then 8 dollars an hour. If you times $8 by 8 hours, you’re left with 64 dollars. That’s a full days work. Minus the tax and social security and etc, and you’ll be lucky to have 45 dollars in your pocket. 45 dollars! Man. I’m not saying that you should quit your min wage job. But i’m saying, if you are not satisfied, you should take up blogging. Bloggernoob make at least 20 dollars an hour. I spend around an hour a day on this blog, and i consistently make over 20 dollars a day. If you want to add some side income, you really should think about making it online. Becoming a millionaire isn’t likely, but it’s pretty easy to make 20 bucks a day.

7 thoughts on “Temporary Blogging

  1. Jared Stenzel

    I agree. The internet can make a nice side profit. Your earnings don’t even get taxed if you don’t let them 😉 Plus, as in real life, as you do it longer, the $$$ only gets better.

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  3. the noob Post author

    jared- my background is in accounting. so i would have to say, don’t mess with the irs. but there are other ways around it. if you get a lot of your income via paypal, then you should get a paypal creditcard, or use your paypal to pay for a lot of things. have a lot of transactions and you can file less income. means less tax u end up paying.

  4. Forest Parks

    Wow I spend at leat 3 hours a day and only earn $20-$30 a day right now :(.

    I will sort it out and make it worthwhile soon…. $2k a month would be perfect for me.

  5. ccRicers

    While this advice has good intentions, you should also point out that even the good blogs take a lot of time and effort before you can see any returns in profit. Particularly if this is a person’s first venture into the interwebs.

    The extra money is nice for buying yourself goodies, but I wouldn’t rely on a blog with to pay bills when your budget is still slim.

  6. the noob Post author

    forest- u started not too long ago. i think ur on pace to beat me. i think if you make it fulltime, you’ll reach 2k/month…so long as you have multiple blogs. won’t be easy tho

    hugo- buck a day is 30/month. 365/year. not too shabby. there are people that spend hours upon hours on myspace that make nothing. losers!

    ccricers- only people who buy into infomercial scams think they will make millions from blogging. same people who read johnchow

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