Test out the water

water.jpgI have a problem with this. I find something i like and dive in head first without thinking it thru. Sometimes this is an asset, but sometimes it gets me into trouble. I got all excited about blogging a few months ago, and i went and bought over a hundred domains. This didn’t cost me that much money, but it did cost me around 1000 dollars. And i haven’t worked on most of them yet. Some of the domain names i will keep, but some i will let expire. Kind of a waste of money right? If i just paced myself, i could have probably grabbed the same domains at a later time. Now i think before i make any domain purchases. Now if i don’t think i’ll have time to develop it, i try to pass on it.

I had my own dedicated server when i first set up a website. I thought that’s what i needed at the time. I didn’t know anything about web hosting, but heard that dedicated servers were the best so that’s what i got. Later i learned that i could save hundreds by switching to shared hosting. It was a rookie mistake. I try to research more before i make any type of purchase. I learn to shop for deals and bargains. I try to read up on services before i punch in my credit card numbers. Because technology is always changing, i sometimes feel a sense of urgency before i make decisions. I now try to learn a little bit more about a topic before i fork over my hard earned cash.

Don’t feel pressured to make any type of purchase. Being the first at something is important for internet success, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you think that your idea will make you millions, don’t start spending money on it until you get more information. Don’t get ahead of yourself or you might end up throwing away money. Before you dive in head first, take your socks off and poke your toes in the water.

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  2. DrBurst

    this is where I think blogspot (casts flame resistance and plus armor) comes in. It lets new bloggers step into the blogging world slowly. Sure after the 3rd month of blogging on blogspot, you better have plans to move, but it is a good step into blogging.

  3. Chica

    Oh I certainly would not want to get burned into getting a domain or whatever you do to get yourself situated. That’s probably why I haven’t done it. I just heart blogspot, I can’t help it. It suits my needs as of now, and so that’s what I like.

    Oh and Jennifer Love, is totally hot, I don’t know what that ragging on her was about, after that photo was taken, a bunch of bull I say!

  4. the noob Post author

    adrian keys- thanks. i’m a sucker for celeb photos. this one blended nicely with my title and article. :) yeah. i’m gonna do some domaining when i find more time.

    drburst- haha. casts flame resistance and plus armor. i won’t blowtorch you. just bite maybe. you have a good point of test blogging on blogspot. only thing is the time. what if your blogspot blog gets popular. it’s pretty hard to switch over to your own domain and hosting when your blogspot blog is already established. remember cashquests when she was on blogspot? took a while to get it going again on her own domain.

    chica- if you heart blogspot, what can you do…you’re a good blogger chica, i think you’ll switch in the next few month. mark my words. i’ll even bet you a cookie. j love. i like her too. she gain a few pounds, but whats the big deal, isn’t that the natural process of aging for most people. she’s still very hot.

  5. Allyn Paul

    Folks, take it from a guy who was on blogspot and now is not (thanks to you Noob)… anything worth doing is worth doing first class from the beginning!
    To Noob: I own 10 domains and all have at least a basic site up so the URLs age properly. I only update 2 of them presently on a regular basis, but the others will be used later. You should look at a domain like a piece of property (without a house on it) … some will gain lots of value without the house on them, and in fact, you could hurt the value by building on it! With that in mind, would you let a piece of land drop off or would you keep it?

  6. Glen L Graham

    Hey noob
    Great post love the advice. Diving in to something with out doing the research can definitely be a problem. It can also be an asset because some folks use that as an excuse to procrastinate.

  7. black.pixie

    Well, where I’m standing, a $1000 is a hell of a lot to me, but I’m glad your wallet’s reached a place where that figure don’t really matter. Next time, invest it in me 😉

    Oh and you’ll be happy to know that you’re the proud godfather of a new domain – yep, I bit the bullet and dove in. I have loads of ideas and I thought it’s time I stopped dreaming it and started doing the do.

    take care… and please, can us gals have a pic of a hot man every now and then?


  8. Juha Ylitalo

    Hosting arrangement are tricky area, when it comes to choosing best solution with budget in mind.
    If you have your own server, then you can pretty much set it up as you want (run multiple domains, databases, etc.), but the monthly fee is expensive.
    If you are using shared host, then service provider has lot to say about what you can and can’t do with it.
    As concrete example, ylitalot.net is running on shared host. While my ISP is known from fast network connections (within Finland as well as abroad), they also have pretty damn tight control on what I can and can’t do. If I would want to run additional domains under their servers, I would have two options (whether it would be juha.ylitalot.net or ylitalot.com, the options would still be same):
    1) make separate contract for each new domain (I probably could use same mysql, so it would only be 175 euros/year instead of 283euros, but …)
    2) making my new domain point to same content as my current domain name unless I do quite bit coding that would identify, which site user is trying to access and based on that do this and that.

    If I eventually will buy second domain for some reason, I will probably get hosting service from someone else depending on my goals. If I would target for readers at USA, I would get one of those USD7/month deals from dreamhost or similar service provider. If site would be target for Europe, I might buy it from ISP in Estonia (60EUR/year, which is whole lot cheaper than getting it from my current ISP).

    P.S. Now that I am running multiple blogs under one domain name (ylitalot.net, ylitalot.net/en, ylitalot.net/taiji), I won’t be able to quality for pay per post type of stuff…
    Just something to keep in mind, when you plan what you want to do with your domains, once you get it.

  9. the noob Post author

    allynpaul- i do see domain names like land. undeveloped land. i just bought too many tho. i guess i was expecting a freeway to be built, but found out they canceled that plan. land can also be worthless. you gotta pay land tax and maintence fees. etc. i will keep around 60 of my domain tho. but i’m afraid around 50 of them, i’ll let expire. lesson learned.

    glenlgraham- procrastination is a big problem for self employed individuals. i know i struggle with it from time to time.

    blackpixie- what type of business proposal are you presenting me with. i’ll invest if you have a hot idea. i’m serious. congrats on your new domain! i’ll put up some denzel and brad pitt for ya!

    juha ylitalo- im not that familar with server side stuff. i’m happy with my hosts right now tho. i have shared for my blogs and dedicated for my offline business site cause i plan on integrating ecommece this year.

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