Thank you readers!

thankyou.jpgI know my blog sucks. It’s the truth. But when i measure it against most of the blogs in my niche, i think it’s not bad. So by default, my blog is pretty good. I really appreciate you guys reading my humble blog. Special thanks to my readers who regularly comment on my blog. Thanks guys, for reading my boring posts all the way through, and for being so very supportive. You guys make me feel special.

So i will sing you guys a little song. A little bit of witchypoo in my life. A little bit of Juha Ylitalo all night along. A little bit of Jared Stenzel just for fun. A little bit of Forest Parks all night long. Trumpet. Allyn Paul, Funked, Bob, Living on Adsense, Jason, Jackie, Jay, B Carter, Chica.

I know i might have left out a few of you guys. Sorry, i’ll get you next time. I will blame the stress of my wedding on my memory loss.

25 thoughts on “Thank you readers!

  1. Jason

    You’re welcome bud. Your blog kicks ass btw, if you think about stopping I will fly over and slap the crap outta ya myself 😛

  2. Eric

    Your site is pretty good.
    For newbies in blogging like me, putting up a blog like this is such an achievement(for me).

  3. 2ThePoint

    You’re very welcome, Noob. Been reading your blog from the start and I ain’t going nowhere 😉

    Remember: focus on WHY you’re getting married – the rest of the drama will take care of itself.

    take care…

  4. Chica

    The Mambo! I loved that song. Wait until the wedding is over, you’ll feel much better! Hope it happens soon for you. :)

  5. Jackie

    Aw of course! You have a great Blog! 😀 Thanks for the song. Don’t forget the Share thing…I am right now utilizing the power of Social Media…

  6. Rhea

    Here’s the Noob trying to be human again. The Noob comes from a planet called XXX-NOOB-XXX. He has all the powers, the KryptoNooBite. We should all band together to steal that power otherwise bloggerworld is doomed to be NoobyWorld.

    Lol…how’s that for your mentorship? Having fun is what it’s all about. Thanks Noob.

  7. ccRicers

    I’ve followed you since October and say you’ve risen in the ranks pretty well. I particularly like your style because you don’t link-whore other similar bloggers much. (except four your little song in this post 😉 )

  8. Fool

    No no no, you blog does not suck….. I like your blog! I am seriously thinking of starting a real blog someday and want to follow in your footsteps…. Thank YOU.

  9. Funked

    Mambo Number 5!!! Man that song makes me feel old! Is 25 old?

    Anyway, thanks for the mention. (Time for some ass kissing) Your blog is great! Your posts are useful and funny at the same time :) That’s what I like about a blog. :)

  10. tony

    Ha! You think you have problems. Just try to get some really good readers to subscribe to the drivel of a blog that is mine. At least you have a nice clean layout and been very active.

  11. Tim

    Stop telling me your blog sucks, or else I might start to believe you 😛

    Seriously though, anyone who can make money like you do blogging is doing something right.

  12. killian

    Hey, your blog doesn’t suck lol

    I haven’t spent a lot of time online, but I always check in here, your blog is one of the best around, ‘noob’ 😉

  13. BT Cassidy

    Dude, your blog rocks- When i first looked I thought, “No way is this guy a noob” the back story checked out; you proved to be the only Noob I’ve seen that is more honest, human, and driven than pretty much any so called Pro I’ve seen. Love your work, keep it up, you Rock- Tom

  14. B Carter


    You’re too modest, your blog does not suck. If it did, I wouldn’t read it. I definitely wouldn’t be commenting as much as I do either.

    Keep it up, I always look forward to more.

  15. the noob Post author

    my arse is all shinny from all the arse kissing. haha. i joke.

    i really appreciate it guys. thanks for all the support! not sure if my blog will continue to grow at this rate, but if it does, i’ll not forget you guys. my random prizes will be 50 bucks if i’m making johnchow money.

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