The almost complete guide to paid posting

foodblog.jpgBloggerNoob is a big fan of paid posting. I think it’s a great way for novice bloggers to start monetizing their blogs. I searched and compiled a list of the best paid posting programs. I know there are sites like squido and helium that pay you to be part of their network but i decided to leave them out for this post. I want to focus on paid posting programs that pay you to post on your blog. Here is the list starting with the best.

1. Payperpost– by far the largest and most active of all the paid posting sites.

2. Sponsoredreviews– if you keep bidding you will get some posting gigs.

3. Smorty– like the site but hard to find posting gigs

4. Bloggerwave– only done one so far

5. Payu2blog– still waiting for approval

6. Reviewme– still waiting for approval

7. Loudlaunch– not very active

8. Blogitive-not very active

9. Inblogads-not very active

10. Bloggingads-still waiting for approval

11. Blogtoprofit– not very active

12. Linkworth– not very active

I can’t report most of these sites cause they are not very active or slow to accept my blog. My blog is still pretty new so i’ll wait until i get approved. Maybe i’ll get some gigs in the next month or so. I’ll post a review of these sites when i get a chance to use all of them. Hopefully this list was helpful.

42 thoughts on “The almost complete guide to paid posting

  1. janine

    i got a message from blogcatalog that you added me as your here to say thanks for adding me..i really appreciate it..thanks again..

  2. Tremium

    Very good list! I’ve never heard of most of them, unfortunately they’re all tagged as “not very active”.
    Ah well… :) still a good list though :)

  3. Jeremy

    Hi noob..I don’t see Adsense in your list.. Are you trying to say that Adsense can’t make much money to your site?

    Anyway, Cool blog, dood..! Link to yours already.. :)

  4. Jack Payne

    Good info. Complete. PPP is the King of this realm. When I inquired of them how much, to avail myself of their services, they quoted me a minimum of $10,000 per month. Sounds like they are “making it,” quite big.

  5. bloggernoob

    rampantheart- those two are usually the best to start with. i’ve found that sponsored has more jobs on a more consistant basis.

    janine- you don’t have to thank me for that. :)

    globalwealthcreator- thanks

    tremium- yeah. i’ll report later once i get some gigs.

    jeremy- not a big fan of adsense. i don’t think they work well on make money blogs. problogger doesn’t use it anymore either.

    svajdlenka- thanks for the stumble

    jennyupthehill-sucks that you lost ur PR. good thing my blog is new and didn’t have pr to begin with.

    jackpayne-what do u mean “how much to make yourself avail of their service? you work as a consultant?

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  8. Dean Saliba

    It took me ages to get accepted for PPP and they keep declining my reviews on the the grounds that my blog is showing adverts from Adsense, Kontera, etc.

    Apparently they don’t like other advertising avenues on blogs that are in heir network :(

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  10. the noob Post author

    dean saliba- yeah, i don’t think kontera works with them. Adsense is ok, but you can’t have links within the sponsored posts. Kontera will place links in them.

    jean halford-thompson- hate it. It’s lame. I’m a paid plugging whore, but i won’t touch social spark. 😉

  11. Puneet

    Haven’t tried PPP yet but wanna try this out for my blog (general blog not MMO) 😀

    But it takes much time to get our blog approved and after long time we get some posting job from their side…

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  15. the noob Post author

    puneet- yeah, u have to wait about a month to get approved. but if you blog is a month old, and have at least 10 posts, it should get approved.

  16. ThePit

    Noob: I’ve read that using PPP can kill your google page rank and hurt your google SEQ. Do you know anything about that? Truth or fiction?

  17. the noob Post author

    thepit- yes it is true. only has a PR2 on the google toolbar because i used to do a lot of paid plugs. I think that this blog would be around PR4 if i hadn’t done any. I think it’s a matter of what you want with you blog. if you want to make a quick buck, paid plugging is great. But, that can dry up fast, because you need PR to make money with paid plugs. That’s why i am a big believer of multi blogging. Set up a lot of blogs. With your main blogs, seo and create lasting traffic and reader base. Don’t mess with paid plugs on those main blogs. With your other blogs, sell out big time. Do as many paid plugs as possible. 😉 hope that helps.

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