The beauty of Multiple blogs

multipleblogs.jpgI started off my monetizing campaign by kicking ass in affiliate commissions. My choice site was commission junction. Bloggernoob dot com has made over 800 dollars with affiliate commissions. If i add the affiliate commissions from my other blogs, i’m at well over a thousand dollars. Since my post title is “beauty of multiple blogs” i will focus on my other blogs.

I have over 50 blogs in my blogging portfolio. I don’t like to co-mingle my blogging venture, so i won’t list them here. I do this cause i want to learn more about blogging. I feel that by separating my blogs, i can learn more about the organic growth of each blog independently. Anyway, i have a credit card blog that i update every two weeks. All i do is review a new credit card offer every two weeks. I have equifax affiliate banners on the sidebar. Surprisingly, i get a few visits a day from google search. And, even more surprisingly, i’ve had a few commission hit. It’s only about 27 dollars, but still. This is as passive as it gets. I put in about 10 mins of work every two weeks and i make money off of it. Amazing right? As the blog grows in search visibility, that blog will continue to get more commissions. Of course i won’t get rich off of that blog, but it’ll add to my income. Not all of my blogs produce income. But around 9 of them make a few dollars. If i get all of my 50 plus blogs to produce about 20 bucks a month, i’ll be making over $1000 a month. Now that’s some nice side income! Each blog only needs 10 mins of attention every two weeks. That equals out to a litte over 16 hours a month. Seems like a lot of work? Then just decrease the number of blogs. Don’t set up 50 blogs, just set up around 5 blogs.

Another example is my movie blog. That blog is set up with paid posting and it generates over a hundred dollars a month. That blog needs a bit more attention, around 1 hour every two days. I get some netflix and blockbuster commissions as well. It’s not that hard to set up multiple blogs so you should really look into it. Most web hosting sites offer multiple domain hosting. If it’s time you’re worried about, don’t. Like i said, i only spend around 10 mins every two weeks.

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  1. Raven


    The Noob is a non-mingler, thus the odds of that happening are like ice water in South Florida. 😉

    Noob quote “I don’t like to co-mingle my blogging venture, so i won’t list them here.”

  2. the noob Post author

    justin- sorry. i don’t like to mix up my blogs. i want to see the organic grown traffic. for each blog. this helps me learn better. hope u understand. maybe later i’ll post some of my other blogs. :)

    raven- haha non-mingler.

    kmcgra- maybe not. i still think i am cause there are a lot of superior blogs out there. but i’m average. hopefully i can climb to above average status soon. :)

    forest parks- you are making a bold move and i wish you all the best. rob at nzmilliondollars did the same thing you are attempting. you should set up a blog that documents your journey. i know i would check up on it often to see your progress. life is about taking chances and sometimes you gotta take the leap. i’ll be pullin for ya forest. :)

  3. kexbrown

    Do you just create regular web sites or do you use WordPress or related blog tools? Do you host all 50 at the same web hosting company or do you spread them around?

    Since you don’t link between them, I guess there is no SEO advantage or disadvantage for hosting them at the same location.

    Thanks for the article. It is interesting to see how other people are monetizing their web sites.

  4. the noob Post author

    kexbrown- good questions kex. I have static pages on a few of my domains, but most of them i use wordpress. The great thing about wordpress is it’s secure and simple to use. U can also use it as something other then a blog. Just remove the date stamp and etc, and it’s a great content management tool. about hosting. i have several hosting and i even have my own dedicated hosting server. I mixed my sites on theses. i could put them all on one shared hosting plan, but i’m also working on a few larger projects so i need the extra power. :) if you have basic blogs without super traffic, hosting them all on one shared hosting isn’t a problems.

  5. Allyn Paul

    Noob–this is one of your best posts in a long time (not that the others aren’t good, this one just stands out)
    I appreciate you sharing a little about your other ventures because as you know, I have another blog going. In addition, I have 3 others that are “non-minglers” and they are generating about $2 per day each in Adsense revenue. (hey, it’s something).
    The big news…I also have another one set up with a local business owner and he pays me $10 per lead.
    I have this site and people use a contact form to ask for more info. I pass these leads on and get $10 each. It’s like an affiliate thing but in the real world!
    I am making about $30 per day on this one not counting the weekends!
    Fun fun!!!!

  6. JustChris

    Sorry for the double posting (damn WordPress with no edit function), but considering you have around 50 blogs and only tend to each around every 2 weeks or so, how do you keep up with the news? To talk about movies each day can get overwhelming for one person (is that why you have paid posting set up?), and the less activity going on in each blog, the less traffic there will be.

  7. the noob Post author

    hugo- i only spend around 10 min per blog every two weeks. it’s not that bad.

    allyn- 2 dollars a day in adsense is awesome! and it’s passive so good job! allyn, i seriously think you’re starting to become a better blogger then me. 30 bucks a day on a new local blog. dude i need to learn from you.

    justchris- i write sponsored posts on my movie blog. i get the posting gigs via payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and smorty. mostly from payperpost and sponsoredreviews. it’s actually starting to make over 100 dollars a month. it is time consuming tho. that’s the bad thing about paid posting. But it makes money!

    justchris- no worries about the double posting. ur helping me pad my comment stats! :) do it more often if you wish! good point there. the movie blog i update every two days. the other blogs, don’t really require daily updates. for example, my creditcard blog doesn’t need news updates, etc. i thought that blogs could not float unless it was updated frequently, but i’ve discovered that is not the case. on my other blogs, i got rid of the date stamp. so it looks like a regular static website. when i have more time, i’ll just keep working the seach engines for those blog.

  8. Allyn Paul

    Noob–no way, not better than you! I just have different niches. You are the “make money online” guy.
    I really think there is something to the online business mixed with offline.
    So many small business owners are very good at closing sales but terrible at generating leads.
    I generate the leads online, then pass them on for a small fee and they close them.
    It’s really one of the oldest forms of networking around.
    SalesGene makes big bucks doing this, but their leads are cold.
    My leads are hot because they are targeted at people searching the keywords already.
    I like this idea and plan to continue running with it.

  9. the noob Post author

    allyn- i don’t want it to seem like we are blowing smoke up each others arses, but i think it might be true. You’re already starting to make some nice change with you blogging ventures. keep it up buddy. if you got any big plan, let me know. i want in on that action!

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