The best internet marketer is a girl

audrey.jpgI like my post title. It’s simple and it’ll make the guys want to read at least a few lines here. I’m going to make a valid point. The best internet marketers are girls. Why? Cause most internet marketing bloggers are guys. It’s like when you go to the casino and sit at a poker table. You’ll see a bunch of fat, old, and bald guys. When a lady sits down, the table changes. Even if the girl is fugly, the mood on that table changes. Might be the estrogen. If a hot girl sits down, you’ll really see a different table dynamic.

It’s the same thing with blogging. There are so many guy bloggers that it’s refreshing to read marketing tips from a female perspective. You don’t even have to show your picture. Cashquests used to be run by Kumiko. Who is Kumiko? Who knows for sure…but her name suggested a female of Japanese descent. I pictured the girl on Babel. She had great content so i kept checking her blog. I think i was on cashquests more then johnchow.

Case 2. Toni Turner from is doing really well with her blog. I didn’t even know about her blog until i saw her surpass johnchow on entrecard. She’s doing something right. I’ve been following her blog for the past 2 weeks and growing more curious about this blogger. Who is she? I think Toni has her roots in web design so her blog looks nice. She has solid content and it appears that she’s a natural marketer. She is able to get other bloggers to mention her blog (i’m doing it right now) without begging or paying. I encourage you guys to check out her blog if you have time. She’s a blogger who is hungry to make a name for herself. She’s a better marketer then johnchow. Hot damn i said it. She knows flash and she uses it to get some link love from A-list bloggers.

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  1. bloggernoob

    blogentrepreneur- i hope you weren’t offended by me suggesting that toni might be a better marketer then john chow. yes jc makes bank off his blog. yes he has 14k rss readers. u have to put things into prespective. look at percentages. he got in the make money blog game pretty early. of course i can’t compare jc with anyone other then shoemoney or problogger. they are on different leagues cause they started early and have built up successful blogs. im just suggesting that a new blogger such as toni, could be more useful for noobs like yourself cause it has more practical advice. you won’t learn much from jc cause your blog doesn’t come close to his as far as traffic or earning. just something to ponder.


    Haha. Girls rock. Bloggernoob, I believed Internet marketers know more than just improving a blog’s status or its traffic.

    Ask those people to sell online, and they might end up as failures! LOL

    I believed Corey Rudl is all time the best. His marketing skills online are amazing and true.Unlike those who just make money through blogs.


  3. ryan

    WOW! Fugly girls? ROFLMAO…anyways….Toni is nice and all but I HATE how her movie on her blog endlessly loops. It would be nice to get a play/pause button so I can stop it.

    Sex sells…seems like you figured it out. :)

  4. Debo Hobo

    I have to check her blog out more closely. She did have a really creative and cute Christmas post, she’s not much of a singer, but overall the post was exeptional link bait.

    Out do JC? I’m not sure about that yet, but I’m sure she will give him a good run for his money given the opportunity.

    Good post :)

  5. Moolahking

    Yup..Girl is the best marketer in internet. But they just used their looks and Voila..!! all guys creeping and rushing to their blogs. Well, I’m one of them..!!

    Anyway, either a girl or a guy who’s better in marketer, depends on how good their qualities are.

    John Chow? I’m not a fan of him..Hahaha :)

  6. theAtypical

    Fact #1: There are no “Girls” on the Internet. 😉

    And yes, there’s a great film-industry term which I’ve forgotten, and its an endearing term which describes how low budget movies get media attention through the great appeals of sex and violence.


  7. the noob Post author

    julie- thanks

    grademoney- selling is different from marketing. i have to agree on that.

    ryan-she looks good her in her cartoon.i have a thing for cartoons i guess. might be my addiction to cartoon porn. opps did i just say that outloud? moving on…

    stephan miller- i’m trying to get my gf/wife to do the same thing. she could be like a kumiko

    debohobo- is that such a bold statement tho? have you ever successfullly followed his advice? his blog is huge but not much help to small bloggers.

    justin dupre- make money online with my hot sister dot com sound good.

    moolahking- i think if you take two equal blogs in stats traffic and earnings, one blogger is male, the other has boobs. i would much rather read the boob blog.

    blogentrepreneur- justin i hear a challenge.

  8. the noob Post author

    atypical- haha. maybe you’re right about the mythical creature(girl blogger) but i don’t know. i like to believe. i must believe. i guess that’s what blind faith is

  9. Debo Hobo

    JC is not much help to anyone but himself, his post today is clear evidence of that. The post offers no real value or content. IT just talks about how much money he made while eating dinner with his family.

    I’m just saying until Toni can get into the minds of JC’s cult-like following that she is actually providing a valuable resourse she will not be able to out do JC.

  10. Gurlfaa

    only discovered Problogger a few days ago, and have been coming back and forth to it frequently, particularly to find out more about making money via blogs. So far my experience on that front hasn’t been huge (though I’ve been writing blogs or have had a personal website for some years) but Problogger is full of good advice. Biggest issue is to have a blog that people actually visit, and not be one of the million unknowns out there

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