The Best Thing Since…..Entrecard!

Brothernoob (younger brother of bloggernoob) once again filling in for bloggernoob who is on his honeymoon. Here is a great web site idea for you guys.

If you have a new blog and you want traffic (any kind of traffic) pound for pound Entrecard is the way to go. Entrecard (if maintained), can get you 50-150 hits a day. Of course the hits you get will be meaningless and makes your bounce rate sky rocket, but these hits will lower your Alexa very fast. This is important for noobs. However once your Alexa is below 100,000, it actually does not benefit you that much.

What makes Entrecard so great in the beginning it that it is very easy to use. Also you see results right away. However the traffic is really an illusion. Card droppers come and go. You will be lucky to get 1 out of the 20 droppers to actually read you post.

Are you ready for my idea?? The idea comes from the Fav 5 phone commercial. Convert that to blog networking. Make a site where people register and they list their favorite 3 bloggers. The widget would look like Entrecard except there will be divided into three sections for YOUR three favorite blogs (kind of like the picture above). So when people come to your site they will see your favorite three blogs, if they click on one of the three they will be taken to that blog. So on and so on.

The Fav 3 website will show the top bloggers by how many bloggers have them on their Fav 3 list. FOR EXAMPLE: Johnchow might be on 15% of all Fav 3 users. Unlike Entrecard, where you can manipulate yourself to the top, Fav 3 requires you to network with other bloggers in order to get to the top.

This idea is better than stumble upon because stumble takes you to random places. With Fav 3 you go to your favorite blogger and go to THEIR favorite three blogs. The rational is that if you love his blog, you will trust his taste. No dropping is necessary, you only move up the rankings by visiting other bloggers, communicating with them so they can check out your blog. If they like your blog they will remove one of their three favorite bloggers and put you in. This will fix the bounce rate problem entrecard has. This is a million dollar idea! I thought of this idea, so you guys come up with the money and the technology part and we are set!!!

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing Since…..Entrecard!

  1. Jared Stenzel

    That would require quite a coding job that from my knowledge of you from noob you wouldn’t be able to do. PhP is pretty hard and a site like this would require a very good php coder, along with probably some javascript and mysql.

  2. ccRicers

    I have already implemented the basics of this idea in a WordPress plugin I’m developing. The plugin displays a widget that lists the latest news from your favorite X number of blogs. I’ve combined an RSS reader to make this possible.

    The plugin is still in development and not ready for launch yet. But it should be done relatively soon (within a few days).

  3. Mike

    A simple version I have done is trying to get links since last summer. I have some now. When I started blogging I had none.

    If people put your link on their blog, you will get more hits. If this happens 100x’s over, you will get much more traffic.
    It takes such a long time though.

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