the best type of blog monetization

The best type of blog monetization has to be Google adsense. In the beginning of my “make money online” journey, i was ignorant. I tried adsense and didn’t like it. It was too damn hard. So, i would write blog posts about how silly this monetization method was. When i am wrong about something, i usually say so. I was totally wrong about adsense. You have to think about things on a bigger scale. Google is the biggest company in regards to online advertising. They practically control the web. So, the best way to make money online is to use Google. Think about all of the major web sites. Check out how they make money online. You will usually find some adsense on their pages.

The only thing is that you need to get a lot of traffic to make any money with adsense. If you only get a few hundred visits a day to your blog, adsense is not for you. But, if you manage to set up a lot of search engine traffic, adsense is like a gold mine. That is why it is important to property SEO your blog. When you set up a new blog, think about the keywords you want to use. Have an ultimate goal of making money via adsense.

4 thoughts on “the best type of blog monetization

  1. Allyn

    you can make lots of money with adsense but you have to know how to target the right keywords.
    If you rank well for a keyword that pays 10 cents per click, you will be very poor.
    the key is to learn to target the high paying ads.
    If I get only 20 visitors per day and only 1 clicks an ad, but it is a $3 click, I am doing well!

  2. Living on Adsense Blog

    Currently my only great Adsense blog is bringing in on average around $13-$15 per and it is only getting 50 hits per day.

    You don’t always need tons of traffic. At least I keep telling myself that because I suck at getting traffic!

  3. Jared Stenzel

    I’d say it’s best for websites, not so much blogs. Just a personal opinion though. I mean, if you get enough traffic you can make money many different ways.

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