The best type of contests

katherine mcphee makes money onlineIn my humble opinion, the best type of contests are the one that are easy to enter. I’ve seen a lot of sorry arse contests on the net. I think the problem that most of you have is that you make it too difficult to enter. People don’t want to subscribe to your feed or solve some complex equation just to win a t shirt. Having cool prizes are cool, but it’s way more important to make it easy to enter. Simplify your contests and you will make money online.

Contests are great (Tony the tiger Grrrreat) for promoting your blog. It makes it fun for your visitors and you’ll find that your visitors will keep coming back. People love free shit. They just don’t want to work for it. That’s why you should make it easy on those lazy bastards. You’ll notice that i only ask for a comment or link to enter my contests. Doing that assures a lot of entries and a lot of traffic. The contest i’m running right now already has over 50 entries. I barely put it up last night. Noob out!

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  1. the noob Post author

    jared- haha, yeah. I’m still working on it jared. I didn’t go with your design, but i’m in the process of having them made. Like i mentioned, you will get one for free. 😉 just wait a while.

  2. the noob Post author

    jared- yeah. it should be pretty sweet. I have a buddy who owns a t shirt company, i’m having him place a small order for me. We’re talking about brand name t shirt quality. lucky you!

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